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There is a lot of scope to rise in real estate – Parina Amulani, an MBA REUI student

MBA in real estate proves to be a smart choice to launch your career - Uplabdh Sharma, an MBA REUI student

My father and my sister motivated me to join real estate industry – Ashlee Sharma, an MBA REUI student

Being associated with a brand like RICS will help in the long run – Poorva Rathore, an MBA CPM student

I always wanted to be an expert, today I am one – Anurag Sharma, an MBA REUI student

I want to be a CEO of a property consulting firm – Harish Narayanan, an MBA REUI student

I wanted to work in the global market in quantity surveying – Gowtham P, an MBA CEQS student

This MBA helped me get a breakthrough in the global construction industry – Monalisha, an MBA CPM student

I have transformed from an introvert to a confident professional – Venkatesh A, an MBA CPM student

Only Engineering degree is not enough – Tushar Nagare, an MBA CEQS student

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