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February 14, 2017

Being associated with a brand like RICS will help in the long run – Poorva Rathore, an MBA CPM student

“After doing my architecture, I realized I wanted to do something big in life. I wanted to associate myself with something that is happening on a global scale." Poorva talks about the advantages of an accredited RICS degree and how it acts as a doorway to a global career in the equal-opportunity built environment sector.

"After architecture, I kept fiddling around with projects but could not get a major break. That is when my mentor suggested to pursue MBA from RICS SBE. This MBA proved to be an accelerator to my career." 


"It’s a prejudice to think only guys can work in the construction industry. There are many jobs that girls can also do and nobody can stop anyone from standing on construction sites. I have done that myself! It is just a matter of talent. I would like to share my interview experience where the company could have easily hired a guy in my place but they were impressed with my skills and selected me.

I have seen a considerable change in myself.  I feel that I have realized my potential.  I am confident about my skills and with an internationally recognized degree in hand, I am onto my path to realize my dreams."

Poorva Rathore
B.Arch + MBA CPM
Placed in Project Management in Knight Frank