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December 05, 2016

Know why a family invested the future of both their children in real estate

The Malhotras are a family that has no background in business, least of all real estate. Yet they recognized the inherent potential of this sector and decided that both their sons must pursue BBA, to gain in-depth understanding of the industry.

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Simon Malhotra and Devam Malhotra, born in Canada, were privileged enough to leverage the opportunity of acquiring education from any university abroad and chose to pursue BBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure from RICS School of Built Environment. The family had faith in the institution because they identified with the quintessence and due to the fact that it was backed by the leaders in the industry.

The students, Simon & Devam, felt that any generic BBA, from even the top overseas universities, would probably not cover as much ground on the subject or give them the much needed, industry exposure. Simon graduated in 2016 and is now preparing to do his masters in Quantity Surveying.  After gaining some work experience the eventual plan is that both brothers will partner together to start their own real estate business in Canada.

When asked how his experience at RICS SBE was, Simon says that he had a great experience. In three years at the institution, he has learnt a lot and gained knowledge that covered various aspects of the real estate sector. He has gained a lot of confidence.  His batch encompassed students from all over India, and he was exposed to an incredible platform where he could interact with people from diverse cultures, which was an entirely different learning experience. He got a chance to build contacts and relationships that will last a lifetime. He admired the excellent faculty and the conviction with which they thrived to carve the future of the built environment. He defines his time at the institution as a wonderful experience and would certainly recommend it to other students.

Devam is also pursuing BBA REUI and has been an intern with Colliers International.  He feels that the coming years are high on potential for the real estate industry, which is a growing sector and demanding the respect it has lacked in India for all these years. About his experience at RICS SBE, Devam feels that it is an interesting experience. He also feels that the infrastructure and the faculty are excellent.

The family claims that the learning experience was not restricted to the boys but extended to the entire family. Madhu Malhotra, who is a school principal, feels that Simon has undergone a very positive change in the 3 years that he has spent at RICS SBE and is hopeful that both her children will stay motivated and acquire perspective to live a fruitful life ahead.

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