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Everything you need to know as a civil engineer

What are your options after GATE results?

Quantity Surveyors Needs These Soft Skills To Rise In Their Careers

Being associated with a brand like RICS will help in the long run – Poorva Rathore, an MBA CPM student

I wanted to work in the global market in quantity surveying – Gowtham P, an MBA CEQS student

This MBA helped me get a breakthrough in the global construction industry – Monalisha, an MBA CPM student

I have transformed from an introvert to a confident professional – Venkatesh A, an MBA CPM student

Only Engineering degree is not enough – Tushar Nagare, an MBA CEQS student

RICS SBE has taught me things that will help me throughout my life – Ashwini Dharmarajan, an MBA CPM student

I have transformed from a civil engineer to a project manager – Gokulesh S, an MBA CPM student

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