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April 08, 2022

What Additional Benefits Do RICS School of Built Environment Provide?

There are a lot of perks that come with associating with a 150-year-old institution and global standard-setting body for the real estate and construction sector. RICS holds a high reputation across the globe with major leading organizations as they prefer hiring RICS qualified people. RICS accredited degree is benchmarked as per international standards and holds high value.

RICS SBE, Amity University is the first and only institution in India to offer dual accredited (RICS & PMI-GAC) degree. Specialized programmes offered by the institution are valuable for the students looking for a winning edge in the industry.

There are a lot of additional benefits along with the one mentioned above. Such as:

Industry Exposure

Industry ExposureTake any course offered by the institution, for instance, MBA in Construction Project Management. MBA in CPM provides its students with much-needed exposure to the industry. Students here get a chance to work closely with industry experts while pursuing the course and build lifelong relationships to help them in the future. There are a lot of specialized programmes other than Masters in Construction management that the School of Built Environment has to offer. 

World-Class Faculty

World-Class Faculty 2With excellent industry pioneers and their support, students get theoretical and practical knowledge. We focus on experience-based learning and that is why we prefer our faculty members on par with the industry standards. Subject matter experts with a significant amount of experience curate the course curriculum. Moreover, they provide a real picture of the industry and help students understand the core concepts of the real estate and construction industry.

Placement Record

Placement-RecordWe hold an excellent placement record. Over 95% of students were placed, this year. Even during the pandemic when others were struggling with it, we managed to get our students placed in the top leading global organizations. We are the hub of true-industry ready professionals, the industry desires. Our active placement cell helps students in getting the right fit for their careers within weeks of placement procedures.

In-depth Curriculum

In-depth CurriculumBe it any programme, such as MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, it gives students a chance to experiment and cover a broad spectrum of the real estate sector. With a specialized and tailored curriculum, students get an in-depth insight on how to prepare for the role of a leader in the field of real estate. There are many real estate management colleges in India, but our curriculum helps students excel in the role they take. We create value.

With the RICS School of Built Environment, you can become a leader in the built environment. The leading institution provides all the facilities that are necessary for the holistic development of a student- be it the high-tech classrooms or the unorthodox teaching methods. The curriculum is constantly updated to ensure that aspiring students get the right information, guidance, and the real picture of the industry. So that they can be ready from day one of their jobs.

Moreover, in a learning environment, students get the opportunity to work on individual and group assignments with presentation sessions to develop their communication and presentation skills and garner confidence.

We believe in transforming students into industry-ready professionals so that they can tackle the corporate world. To do so, we provide them with first-hand corporate experience. This is done through a series of activities such as hands-on research in built environment studios, regular site visits, global internships, and live industry projects.

Students here develop leadership skills, attain a globally accredited degree, and adapt to a constantly changing corporate world. And now you know the benefits RICS SBE provides.



RICS is a preeminent global professional body working in public interest in the built environment sector, ever since it formed in 1868.

Incorporated by the Royal Charter, RICS promotes and enforced the highest international standards in land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

RICS focuses on creating a fair, safe and vibrant marketplace in the sector- known as the five pillars:

  • International Standards that set a global benchmark
  • A qualification that ensures abiding by international standards
  • Professional training that helps the industry upskill
  • Advocacy and Policy influencing to provide research-led practical solutions that help create sustainable cities
  • Specialized education that creates a competent, entry-level talent

Fastrack your journey to MRICS- global chartered qualification

mrics 2

MRICS is a leading chartered qualification. It is recognized as a stamp of excellence by employers worldwide. With this accredited degree, you have higher chances of qualifying for MRICS – the globally recognized chartered qualification in the industry – sought after by the industry.

The initials ‘MRICS’ on your visiting card add a stamp of credibility and excellence to your professional abilities. Employers around the world, therefore, seek professionals with RICS qualifications.

If you are about to start or are studying for an accredited degree, you're already on the right track. Once you have completed an accredited degree the next stage is to get a job as a trainee. To become a member of RICS (MRICS) you need to complete your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) which involves completing a period of structured training with an employer.  Structured training usually takes between two and three years and consists of on-the-job learning and assessment.

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