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January 04, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Top MBA Courses

MBA Courses

What is an MBA programme and why should you pursue it?

An MBA, also known as a Master of Business Administration, is an advanced degree which aims to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required for a thriving career in the business world. It is a postgraduate program that concentrates on inculcating expertise and understanding the various facets of business and management, leveraging individuals for leadership responsibilities in the corporate arena. There are several MBA courses that you can enroll in, depending on your priority and market evaluation. The attainment of an MBA is frequently seen as a means to enrich and enhance career prospects, acquire leadership capabilities, and boost earning potential.

Which are the top MBA courses offered at RICS SBE?

RICS SBE, India’s only institution to offer RICS and PMI-GAC accreditations, offer three major MBA courses listed and explained in detail below:

MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

  • Within this program, students gain expertise in the business and commercial dimensions of the Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Sector. 
  • This involves integrating the technical skills obtained during their undergraduate studies with business and commercial acumen. 
  • Consequently, they transform into prospective business leaders as required by the industry. There is a demand across industries for techno-commercial managers who can effectively implement technical aspects while comprehending the associated business implications. Here is where this course proves its value. 
  • Upon finishing this one of the specialized MBA courses, you can employ real estate principles in economics, accounting, management, strategy, finance, human resource management, and marketing in tangible, real-life projects.
  • MBA in Construction and Project Management

  • Project managers assume a pivotal role in supervising the construction of a residential high-rise or overseeing a substantial airport project throughout the entire delivery process.
  • Our distinctive MBA program in construction management is designed to equip you to thrive as a project manager, collaborating within a team and often serving as a team leader. 
  • You'll develop the ability to lead teams comprising specialists such as architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, sustainability experts, and finance professionals. 
  • The MBA in Construction Project Management offered by the RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE) equips individuals to assume a pivotal role throughout the entire delivery process of a construction project. 
  • Upon completing one of our prestigious MBA courses in Construction Project Management at RICS SBE, graduates gain the proficiency to effectively lead teams comprising specialists such as architects, electrical engineers, structural engineers, sustainability experts, and finance professionals.

    MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying

  • Quantity surveyors, alternatively known as construction economists, play a critical role in the life cycle of built environment projects. Broadly, the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor can be comprehended through two predominant perspectives.
  • Pre-contract management role: Before initiating a project, a quantity surveyor assumes responsibilities for feasibility analysis, cost planning, design economics, value engineering, procurement, tendering, quantification of works, cost estimation, and contract management.
  • Post-contract management role: Once the project is underway, the quantity surveyor takes charge of tasks such as cost budgeting, project cost monitoring, reporting, valuation of interim and final accounts, commercial management, contracts management, handling contractual claims, conducting cost analysis, and overseeing change management.
  • The prospects include employment opportunities in diverse sectors, including domestic and international commercial offices, residential projects, hotels, hospitals, institutional buildings, industrial structures, roads, highways, bridges, and infrastructure projects. 

These MBA courses are exclusively designed per the market needs and utility, rendering them highly beneficial for individuals who enroll in them!

What makes RICS a compelling choice for pursuing your MBA degree?

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE) at Amity University, an academic institution driven by industry expertise, proves to be the best college for your MBA endeavors as they hold a good and reputable track record with more than 90% on-campus placements of the enrolled students in distinguished projects with highest salary package being more than Rs.30 lacs! 

The variety of job roles offered through the available MBA courses is immense, including roles such as analyst project advisory, quantity surveyor, technical manager, senior associate, etc. The key employers include L&T Construction, Fortress, ICICI Bank, Godrej Properties and many more big market players, making RICS the ultimate choice!


So, if you are keen to make your career a successful hit, go with RICS SBE Amity University and choose the course that suits you the best. Choosing the right MBA course will enhance your educational outlook and reap benefits beyond monetary gains, allowing you to learn, grow and lead in your career path.

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