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Gautam Pant
December 28, 2018

Thinking about what to do after Civil Engineering? Here are 5 Incredible Career Paths for You!




If you are someone who has a knack for design, construction, and the field of built environment, then Civil Engineering is the best career path for you. It is the second oldest and one of the broadest engineering disciplines after Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineers are the reason behind all those towering buildings, highways and bridges that we witness in our day to day lives. Other avenues of civil engineering workplaces include road construction, building construction, township planning, metro construction among various others.



However, there comes a phase when the young generation feels a standstill in their respective career. After a graduation degree in Civil Engineering, it is ubiquitous to get confused on how to kick start one’s career, with a more pressing question: What to do?

Students who are looking for a change and want to get a self-direction, we are listing down a few options that they can explore and make an incredible career in.


1: Start your venture

After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss? A self-made venture of a civil engineer is a territory which is sacred, and which is why it has tremendous potential to grow. You can start this venture along with your fellow batchmates and run the company basis your practical and theoretical knowledge. However, it isn’t a cake walk. Starting on your own, be it any business, requires a lot of patience and resilience. Although there is no ideal age or time to start your venture but as per the experts, having a professional degree and few years of industry exposure will always give you an extra edge to succeed in your venture. So, think before you make a move.


2: Higher studies

A lot of civil engineer graduates ponder about getting a specialized degree in their field when the question comes as to what to do after civil engineering? Opting for higher studies like an MBA or M.Tech in your field or related fields is the wisest decision to make. Colleges like RICS School of Built Environment are offering various MBA courses like MBA in Construction Project Management, and MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying, helping students build a definitive career after civil engineering. If you look around yourself, the techno-managerial education has become a preferable option for the youth in the last few years. This techno-managerial education prepares you to excel in the role of a project manager, working in a team, often as a team leader.

You will acquire the knowledge and necessary skills sets, like:

  • Project Management
  • Business Management
  • Construction
  • Sustainability
  • Behavioral Aspects of the projects


All these options are right for higher studies and will instantly give your career a boost.

3: Apply for PSU’s

If you have gained the momentum of being a technically sound engineer, then you can apply for public sector undertakings. To get through this, you will have to apply for GATE, and if you score well, then you will be termed eligible in any of the PSU’s.


4: Government Jobs

The kind of ease and comfort you get in government jobs is something you will not get in any other sector, or so they say. People are leaving their corporate jobs for the sheer joy of working in a stress-free environment. After getting your GATE score, you can apply at various government bodies apart from the PSU’s.


5: A private sector Job/ Corporate Job

A well-paid job, with the right amount of exposure and growth, results in the corporate sector. Fields like construction, real estate, infrastructure and industry projects also help on improving your professional as well as academic knowledge. As soon as you complete your graduate studies, start applying for all the big firms that are coming to place the students in the college.

Feel free to drop us a mail or comment here in case you need any help with your career. Our team of experts & 150+ years of RICS legacy will guide you to take best options available.


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