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Prof. Amol Shimpi
December 26, 2018

5 benefits of joining the RICS School of Built Environment to make the career in Real Estate Management

The real estate market is booming in India. According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation, India ranked 19th out of the 73 countries in attracting the cross-border property to its market. Real estate sector is estimated to grow to USD650 billion by 2025 and surpass USD850 billion by 2028 – driven by emerging asset classes such as affordable housing and co-working spaces. Pre-GST implementation CAGR (2014–16) of 15 per cent has increased to an expected post-GST implementation CAGR (2017–21) of 21 per cent for Grade A and B warehouse stock projections in the top eight cities in India*.


RICS - Future Benefits of Real Estate Course

In the past few years, Indian real estate has spiked considerably and is expected to grow even further in the coming years. This growth can be attributed to various aspects, including favorable demographics, increase in purchasing capacity, customer-friendly banks & finance companies, and government reforms to attract global investors.

This has convinced both buyers and developers to stretch their investing capacity and meet the demands of the market. In the midst of this rapid growth, thinking of a career in Real Estate is an understandable train of thought to adopt. Keeping this in mind, it must be said that an MBA in Real Estate will bring out the leader and professional in you, concerning the diverse industry. It will help you gain the industry specific experience and will provide you with a threshold to venture in this profitable field.


By going for this degree, students will acquire a multitude of skills, such as market analysis and the knowledge of tools required to stay ahead in a multi-faceted industry. Various colleges and industries are offering MBA in real estate at varying levels to meet the career requirements of the students, one of the college offering the same is RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University.

RICS School of Built Environment offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure. This uniquely designed MBA is aimed at imparting leadership and decision making competencies to aspiring real estate and urban infrastructure professionals. The program has a balanced mix of technical and managerial competencies that are required to flourish in the Indian Real Estate sector. The courses are specially curated to help you adapt the lifecycle of the market in varied job roles.

  • Business Development
  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Real Estate Valuation and Finance
  • Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management

We are listing down the benefits of pursuing your career in Real Estate from RICS School of Built Environment because there are various reasons why you should choose specialised MBA over certification:

1) Industry Oriented Faculty

The first and foremost concern before you apply for a college is the faculty and their competence. However, rest assured that the faculty members at RICS SBE comes from reputed universities and sport valuable insights and experience in their respective fields. All the faculty members act as a pillar of strength to the students and inspire them with real-life experiences in their respective domains. This conducive learning environment comes to the aid of students whenever they face any confusion in the field.

2) Placement Opportunities

Another major concern while pursuing a degree are the placements. RICS SBE believes in bringing out the best in each student and letting them carve out a niche for themselves in the real estate domain, which is why RICS SBE’s international reach and global connections with firms provide students with the placements they rightfully deserve.

RICS Placement - Future Benefits of Real Estate Course

3) Exposure

Students at RICS SBE get a chance to explore the industry before they even enter it. Through productive summer programs, students experience the global real estate industry first-hand. Not only do these students get to explore the field, but they are also able to absorb the studies to gain valuable knowledge of the real corporate world.

4) Course Curriculum

The courses in real estate are designed keeping in mind the competencies of the market. Both the MBA and BBA course in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure are an equitable mix of technical and managerial skills required to thrive in the real estate sector. Also, apart from the usual course topics, foreign languages are placed carefully in each semester to break the monotony and serve as a catalyst in promoting the notion of international exposure.

5) Globally Accredited Degree

RICS SBE degree is benchmarked as per international standards and is valued by companies all over the world. Currently, the BBA and MBA courses offered by RICS SBE are the only RICS accredited courses available in India. This makes these specialized degrees much more valuable for the students as well as the industry.

*Source – KPMG Report & Why should you make a career in real estate!