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Prof. Amol Shimpi
December 24, 2018

Are you a civil engineer confused about the future? Know how an MBA in CPM can boost your career.

No one can deny the importance that Civil Engineering holds in the upliftment of the modern world. Today, just by looking outside the window of a metropolitan city, one can appreciate the vast achievements done by the civil engineers of the world.

Since India is one of the fastest growing economic nations, the need for civil engineering is at the highest peak. But a lot of civil engineering students find themselves in the middle of a dilemma right after their graduation, and the trembling question is: What Next?


According to research, as many as 97 percent of graduate engineers are seeking jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. However, only 3 percent of graduate engineers have the necessary skills to be employed in the product or software market, and close to just 7 percent can handle core engineering tasks. In such an intense scenario, it is quite natural for some civil engineering graduates to get a little too overwhelmed and enter a state of dilemma.

The solution: MBA in Construction Project Management. But what is it?

What are the basic requirements that any civil engineer expects from their job? Naturally, the job should be fast-rising, well paying, and have a significant impact on the welfare of society. For accomplishing these results, many civil engineering graduates are studying further to gain managerial skills and becoming techno-managers to complement their technical skills.

With an annual growth rate of 10 per cent, the construction industry is one of India’s fastest growing sectors. India is witnessing high levels of construction activity in all categories of projects today - whether transport, residential, or commercial. Such projects are complex in nature and require execution, geographical separation, cost estimates, and quality specifications to be paid attention to. Therefore, the successful completion of such projects requires Construction Project Management methodologies and techniques.

A career in this field will offer civil engineering graduates to rise in a field that is relatively untapped and expand their horizons. As a construction manager, one is responsible for managing and running the construction site. They work closely with architects to go over project timelines, blueprints and determine labour costs, schedule work on sites and gather permits.

12 students share their journey in MBA Construction Project Management



Learn from the best in the field - RICS SBE

To gather the best of this field, RICS School of Built Environment offers MBA in Construction Project Management to prepare students to excel in the role of a project manager. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to effectively lead teams of specialists including electrical engineers, architects, and finance experts. The best project managers, in all essence, measure their success based on operational effectiveness, project placement and sustainability.

In case you have any queries or need further suggestions on what best can be done for your career, feel free to comment here and we will quickly respond back.

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