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March 31, 2021

Placement of RICS SBE students in top global Indian organizations during COVID-19

As evident, due to COVID-19 downturn impacts, all sectors are struggling to find renewed bearings. Though beating this crisis, RICS SBE has managed to attract over 50 coveted global and Indian organizations for campus placement, securing jobs for 82% of the batch.

Despite being the pandemic situation, RICS SBE approached 14.28% (1200 companies) more organizations over last year. During the lockdown period, when many employees faced lay-offs, almost 40 organizations hired students from RICS SBE.

Some of RICS SBE’s first-time recruiters are names like Allied Builders Seychelles/Mauritius, Uniworks Designs, Welspun, Geetanjali Homestate, Knest Aluform, Chuan Lim Construction, Karle Infra, Puranik Builders, HLK Infrastructure and the Executive Centre. Moreover, organizations such as Home First Finance, Puranik Builders, 360 Realtors, Richland, Turner & Townsend, CBRE, JLL India, HLK Infra, DLF and Anarock made five or more offers.


The placed students will work in the job roles/field of quantity surveying, strategy & consulting, project management, research, sales, transactions, business development, etc. They will begin their careers in emerging markets like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and developed markets like Dubai, Singapore, UAE, and Seychelles.

RICS SBE always thrives on familiarizing its students with the latest technology in the Built Environment sector, which played a major role in welcoming its students in the industry even in the pandemic-hit times.

  • A Globally Accredited Degree right here – in your own country

 RICS SBE is backed by RICS, a 150+ years old global professional standard-setting body in the Real Estate and Construction sector. The institution has an immense reputation worldwide and attracts all major BE organizations to hire only RICS qualified people.

  • Choose the right institute
    campus image

There are only a few institutes in India that offer courses in real estate. For better career advancements in the built environment sector, students should choose an institute that offers ‘RICS accredited courses’ in India. This accreditation is the key differentiator in terms of the quality of education that the students receive.

Currently, in India, MBA courses offered by RICS SBE are the only available RICS accredited courses, making these specialized degrees more valuable for the students. This is one of the prime reasons why RICS students are sought after by the industry.

Furthermore, RICS SBE’s MBA in Construction Project Management is the only program in India with PMI accreditation. This globally accepted accreditation and a meticulous curriculum trains the students in required theoretical, practical, and software skills that ultimately help them to get a good jumpstart in their career.

  • Online Internships & Training Programs

Even during the lockdowns, RICS SBE has been proactive in ensuring quality learning continuity. The college has successfully started interactive, learning-centric and user-friendly online internships and training programs.

  • Specialized Faculty Members

RICS SBE’s faculty follows a modern theoretical and practical approach to impart education to the students. The course curriculum is meticulously curated by subject matter experts who possess proficient knowledge and skill in the construction field. This provides students with an unparalleled understanding of the core concepts in the real estate and construction industry.

  • Excellent Placement Record

Since its inception, RICS SBE holds an excellent placement record, and the industry has wholeheartedly supported and accepted them. The students have been placed in leading domestic and international real estate, infrastructure, and construction firms. The RICS SBE placement reports are available on the institute website so, you can witness RICS SBE being the hub for all major organizations in Built Environment Sector. Here, the active placement cell helps the students get their dream jobs within weeks of starting the placement procedures.

Even during this epidemic halt, when hiring across sectors almost ceased, RICS SBE kept its students’ placement promise. New roles will evolve in the post COVID era, and this institute will give its best to ensure its students be always environment ready.