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January 17, 2019

Is MBA in Real Estate relevant for Architects? Here’s what you need to know!

Architects are able to juggle between angles, numbers, lines, and creative possibilities. Design is one of their core strengths along with sound knowledge of technical and technological skills. However, they are not just limited to these abilities; they not only understand the various processes of a building but are trained to have an inherent sense of responsibility towards the built environment.

We all know how vital architecture is in the process of development, management, and depending on the liking and aptitude of the architecture, they can play different roles. If they have a fondness for development processes - which involve putting together a team of consultants, buying land, procuring approvals, arranging finances, and marketing the development, an MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure can be handy.

Talking about the Real Estate industry, here is what you need to know:

● Over 70% of global wealth is in real estate

● 5.2 crore houses estimated to be built by 2022

● USD 1 trillion investment in infrastructure in the next 5 years

● 100 smart cities to be shaped with 48000 crores investments

● 80% shortage of talent

The fact of the matter is, with the fast-growing of urban population (1.4 billion population by 2020), the demand for real estate and infrastructure has never been higher.


MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure

Doing a specialised program like this from one of the top institutions like RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, has its perks. The program will ensure that students are able to successfully analyse real estate markets and find out optimal scenarios for development and investment along with crafting a project specific marketing plan.

Essential Qualities that you will develop by undertaking this course:

Architects are design experts. With an MBA in Real Estate, they will open their horizons to become project managers and master builders as well. Some of the key skills that students will master in addition to architectural skill sets are:

● Sales and Marketing strategy

● Negotiation and client sharing

● Problem-solving skills

● Strong analytical skills

● Leadership skills

● Entrepreneurial skills

● Financial analysis and modelling

The Future

After successful completion of this program, students would find a plethora of opportunities at their disposal with developers, consultants, valuers, brokerage firms, and mortgage institutions.

Students can work on both the sides of the same coin, i.e., the buyers side and the agent side. Working on the buyers side includes companies like TATA housing and Mahindra Lifespaces while working on the agent side includes IPCs, valuation firms, HFCs, design firms and brokerage firms.

After some years of work experience, people with this degree can go on to start their avenues and become an Archipreneur.

RICS SBE - Helping you to level up!

Getting an MBA in Real Estate will offer you a RICS accredited degree, one that is considered to be the highest quality of education for this profession and is valued by companies worldwide.

It’s time to rise! Get in touch with RICS SBE to take your dreams to the next level.


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