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January 14, 2019

5 Ways that an Architect can Upgrade their Professional Value



Architects are the free creative minds of the built environment industry. They are responsible for solving the seemingly impossible tasks with demanding design criteria. The phases of an architects' role are as varied and fascinating as their work. They are the professionals who pilot the whole process of creating functional spaces and the intrigue infrastructure in the built environment. From concept to the full realisation of those designs, they are involved at every stage.

They graduate with a high level of social consciousness and concern for the sustainability of their designs and what will be its impact on the natural and built environment in the long run. They always keep an eye for beautiful yet sustainable designs.

If you are an architect professional or a student of architecture, you must be aware of these attributes. However, there are times when architects are overlooked in the construction process as mere designers and are not entirely given the charge in the construction process. In that case, if one has the required skill set in the right place, they can not only succeed as an architect, but can also learn to upgrade their professional value.

We are listing down five ways that can help you upgrade your value as a professional in your domain:

Financial Understanding

An area where architects are not likely to be involved is the cost of the project due to only their design understanding and capabilities. Being able to control the cost of construction project, it will help you in getting out of the stereotype attached to architects. Organizations these days are continually looking for architects who have a sound understanding of the whole project including the financial literacy attached to it. Understanding the cost of the project is a skill which boosts your confidence to deliver more than what a client is expecting.

A Sense of Sales and Marketing

Apart from the ideation and execution of your design, having a strategy to sell and market the same works well for any architect. Knowing the worth of your idea and ways to sell it is another skill that will help you grow as a professional in the field of built environment. Being able to sell your ideas to the people who matter is one of the most useful skills to have today. It matters to architects, whether they are working at an organization or as owners of their own business.

People Management

An architect, during a project, manages a lot of teams, right from the design development team to financial managers to the interior designers. Knowledge of every field and managing all the teams is an important skill to have and is also a mark of a good leader.

Decision Maker

If you have a vision in mind as to what and how to go about a project, then you have the edge over your peers. Being a project manager, you should be able to answer the questions thrown at you by the client. Possessing this skill will make you an invaluable asset to the organization, adding to your worth and responsibility.


All the steps mentioned above are the perfect ingredients for a good leader. As we move towards a more sustainable environment, organizations demand a leader who balances out the business objectives with a high-quality design approach. If you are an architect with this skill set, then calling yourself a leader won’t be wrong.

At RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, we offer uniquely designed degree programs for architects which enhances their knowledge and the skill set and makes them industry-ready.


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