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Shiv Prasad Singh MRICS
June 03, 2019

Career options post doing a BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

Increasing urbanisation, coupled with a mobile workforce and globalisation, has resulted in high demand for commercial spaces; and public as well as semi-urban accommodations.

What does the future hold?

Compared to various other investments like gold, bank deposits, and so on, the real estate sector offers greater growth. There is always a huge demand for real estate in India. The industry aims to reach a figure of close to $180 billion by the year 2020. What does this mean? Well, in plain words, the future is definitely bright in this sector.


The future is going to be characterised by:

  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Developers streamlining their practices
  • Investment in research
  • Financial discipline
  • Investment in upgrading systems and training

Owing to the increasing demand for professionalism in the industry, a BBA in Real Estate makes for an excellent career choice. However, doing this from a well-versed institution that is an industry expert will give you an added advantage over others. This is due to the fact that such institutions don’t believe in pure theoretical approach towards learning and include a blended mix of technical and managerial education. The leading institution in India in the built environment sector is the RICS School of Built Environment, in Noida and Mumbai.

Watch the video below to see Sejal Jain, an RICS SBE alumnus, share her experience about the institution:



Cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai have become development hubs as far as the real estate sector is concerned. The implementation of various infrastructure initiatives in the country and the steady demand for residential real estate from the IT sector are the key reasons for the fast-paced growth of real estate. With the adequate skills and knowledge, one will be able to make a career in various fields in and allied to real estate. Below are some areas of work:

  • Business Mangement and Strategy: The top tier people in a company or organisation decide when it is time to expand to a new city. If you are a part of this team, you will be involved in the major decisions that affect a lot of people.
  • Real Estate Development: Real Estate Developers are mainly involved from the initiation to the completion of particular project life. Developers usually take the greatest risks, but they also get the biggest rewards! While some developers take part in the actual construction of the building themselves, some may work directly with the contractors.
  • Valuation and Finance: Real estate projects are usually expensive and take years to complete. Someone needs to ensure that the project doesn’t run out of money during this time. This is where finance and valuation professionals get involved. Their primary role is to estimate the final value of a property and decide whether to lend the money to build it or not.
  • CRE-FM and Asset Management: From an apartment complex to a retail mall, every piece of real estate has a purpose. Making sure that this purpose is achieved is the job of a corporate real estate professional or a facilities management professional. As a facilities manager, you’ll be helping hundreds or even thousands of people achieve great things!
  • Real Estate Marketing Leasing and Transactions: Sales and marketing professionals find buyers for properties and leasing, and transaction professionals help to rent them out.
  • Research and Consulting: These professionals help in turning visions into reality. Their primary task is to figure out things like the ideal location for a new building, type of construction that should be built there, and the amount of finance required.

Opportunities exist in organisations across different areas of real estate. Some of the leading recruiters that mark a presence in RICS SBE are mentioned in the image below:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What kind of collaborations does RICS SBE entail?

The institution has strong ties with 350+ Indian and International firms that work with them to meet their talent requirements each year. From Real Estate Development and Consulting firms to Construction and Infrastructure firms, all have been delighted to take recruits from the institution.

Q2. What salary can I expect after completing the BBA programme in real estate? What about after an MBA?

Students passing out of the BBA real estate management programme draw jobs with starting salaries in the range of Rs.4,00,000 – Rs.6,00,000 per annum. Students who complete an MBA programme can expect a remuneration of up to Rs.10,00,000 per annum.

Q3. Is there any preference given to students by RICS SBE to students who want to opt for MBA in CPM and Real Estate?

While preference is mainly given to students with a civil engineering, architecture, or planning degree for Construction Project Management (CPM), but students from all backgrounds including commerce and economics can opt for an MBA in Real Estate.

Q4. What should I go for: Construction Project Management (CPM) or Real Estate and Urban infrastructure (REUI) offered by RICS SBE? Both seem good to me.

Both the programs are very different in nature and hence, cannot be compared. Make a choice based on your personal interests and passions. Construction Project Management is all about the planning and execution of a construction project. It involves both site and desk work. REUI course is about commercial management involving valuation, financial, and marketing aspects of projects.

Q5. What is the difficulty of RICS SBE Amity Entrance test?

The standard entrance test that is conducted by Amity University is not very difficult. The test is similar to the MAT pattern and has the following sections:

- English Language Ability and Logical Reasoning

- Quantitative Ability

- General Knowledge

This is followed by the personal interview round where your technical skills will be evaluated.

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