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January 11, 2024

Why Master's Degrees in Construction Management Are Booming

Masters Degrees in Construction Management in India

The robust growth of the construction sector in India is attributed to a confluence of factors, encompassing urbanisation, governmental initiatives, influx of foreign investment, technological advancements, economic expansion, and an increasing demand for both affordable housing and commercial spaces. These interconnected dynamics collectively foster a conducive environment for continuous growth and advancement within the construction industry.

Although there are many options for an MBA in construction management in India, this programme serves as an ideal pathway for individuals aspiring to excel in careers requiring expertise in navigating the complexities of construction projects from both financial and managerial perspectives.

What does a master's in construction entail?

As a Construction Project Management student, your role encompasses the planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of construction projects. You take on a pivotal position in overseeing the project team and resources, crucially influencing the project's ultimate result. 

Throughout the course duration, you'll delve into the ten knowledge areas outlined by PMI, including integration, time, scope, cost, human resources, quality, communication, risk procurement, and stakeholder management.

Why are master's degrees in construction management booming?

  • Increasing Project Complexity

The surge in popularity can be attributed to the rising complexity of construction projects. There is a growing demand for professionals with advanced knowledge and skills to manage intricate construction processes effectively, and a master's degree provides the necessary expertise.

  • Specialised Skill Set

A master's in construction management offers a specialised skill set that integrates business acumen with technical expertise. This dual proficiency is highly valued in the construction industry, where effective project oversight requires a balance of managerial and technical competencies.

  • Emphasis on Project Management

MBA in construction management places a strong emphasis on project management skills. Given the crucial role of effective project management in ensuring successful construction endeavours, professionals with advanced project management capabilities are in high demand.

  • Growing Demand for Construction Professionals

The global construction industry is experiencing substantial growth, resulting in an escalating demand for skilled professionals. Employers increasingly seek candidates with advanced degrees, such as a master's in construction management, to assume leadership and managerial roles.

  • Technological Advancements in Construction

The ongoing technological transformation in the construction sector, including integrating advanced tools and techniques, contributes to the popularity of master's programmes. These programmes provide insights into the latest technologies, ensuring graduates can leverage innovations for efficient project management.

  • Industry Accreditation

Accreditation by industry bodies is a common feature of many master's programmes in construction management. This accreditation assures employers that graduates have received education meeting rigorous standards, enhancing the credibility and recognition of the degree.

  • Accelerated Career Advancement

Holding an MBA in construction management positions individuals for accelerated career growth. The advanced degree signals a commitment to continuous learning and a high level of expertise, making graduates competitive candidates for leadership roles.

  • Navigating Regulatory Complexity

Construction projects are subject to a multitude of regulations and standards. A master's programme provides individuals with the knowledge to navigate and ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues during project execution.

  • Sustainable Construction Focus

The growing emphasis on sustainability in the construction industry is reflected in master's programmes, which often integrate courses on sustainable practices. Graduates are well-prepared to address environmental considerations, a crucial aspect of modern construction projects.

Which is the best college in India that offers a master's in construction management?

The RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE) presents a comprehensive array of construction management programmes meticulously crafted to give you the essential skills and knowledge requisite for a flourishing career in this dynamic field. At the core of these programmes is an industry-focused curriculum thoughtfully aligned with prevailing industry trends and practices, ensuring that upon graduation, the graduates possess skills that are not only relevant but also in high demand. 

Adding to the appeal of these programmes are prestigious international accreditations (RICS & PMI-GAC) bestowed upon the MBA and PG Diploma, providing you a globally recognised qualification. RICS SBE strongly emphasises practical learning, incorporating case studies, simulations, and project work to provide a hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. 

The dual campus locations in Noida and Mumbai, both strategically situated in prime locations, provide flexibility in choosing your study environment. It has established an impressive track record of high placement rates, with graduates securing positions in esteemed construction firms.


The evolving industry landscape drives the increasing popularity of construction management courses in India, the demand for specialised skills, advancements in technology, globalisation, and the pursuit of career advancement in a competitive job market.

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