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Ankita Sharma
September 05, 2016

Why girls should not ignore Real Estate as a career choice

We are living in interesting times. Today’s women are entering the work force with as much confidence and urge to excel as their male counterparts. Despite that some sectors are still tagged as a ‘man’s domain’. Real estate is considered one such field. But did you know that this sector holds 70% of the global wealth. Fascinating right?

What we often don’t realise is that real estate has always been associated with makers and women have always exceled at that, from home makers earlier to makers of businesses and nations today. In fact, contrary to common belief, this is one field that comes to them quite naturally.

Opportunity in the industry
Did you know that by 2020, India’s population is estimated to increase to 1.38 billion, out of which 500 million is expected to be urban population. This would not only lead to unprecedented demand for quality infrastructure, but also demand for professionals to create this infrastructure and maintain it too.

The current scenario in the industry is such that the need for qualified professionals is much higher than their actual presence in the industry. Only 27,000 professionals are being added to the field annually as against the demand of 4 million. Being a qualified professional in this sector can thus put you on the fast track to success and a specialized degree in this domain can help you land plum jobs and see you climb the ladder of success quite fast.

Some women have already made it big in this sector but there's room for many more. 

Despite being seen as a field for men, there have been many instances of women who have made it big in this industry. They have in fact reached the top of the ladder and are leading teams of their own. We took a look at some of the inspiring women in this field and tracked their success stories. What came across very clearly was that not only have these women excelled in the real estate sector but there is room for many more. What’s common between all these women? A creative bent of mind and the urge to prove their mettle. 

Need for girls in the industry and the change they are bringing
This quote from Track 2 Realty, sums it up best “Women in the business have maintained that today there is hardly a board of any company without the presence of a woman. All women are blessed with certain inborn characteristics and instincts which can be effectively utilized in the real estate sector. Her perspective on lifestyle, architecture and landscaping is positively better and to top this all, her proficiency in acquiring technical knowledge scores high points in the realty industry.”

Not only that, women have been able to go into various other specialized fields of their choice, under the ‘Real Estate’ umbrella as well, such as banks, sales & marketing, project management, and facilities management, which have a high demand for specialized professionals.

We hope this has given you a better insight into the benefits of joining the real estate sector and the success it can assure you. If you have more questions or want to see what else the industry has to offer, reach us at

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