An Architect shares her experience after joining MBA CPM

While working as a Junior Architect in an architectural firm in Mumbai, on a regular day at work, I felt lost trying to figure out what was missing in my career. Why wasn't I thrilled to be a part of something I have always wanted to do? That day, while discussing a project with the consultants it stuck me, just like that. I then decided to find something that would complete this missing piece to my puzzle.

It was this moment that changed my career path and gave it new wings. I decided to alter the direction of my flight as a result of which I decided to pursue my career in Construction Project Management.


With an agenda in hand but not the necessary means to give it a shape, I got into an extensive scrutinization to find a program that would help me work on the areas of my interest and provide the security of being market-ready by the end its course. It was then, that I came across RICS School of Built Environment, one such institute that offers a unique, one of its kind MBA degree in Construction Project Management in India which helps one enhance the skillsets for managing large construction projects with the utmost professionalism. It took an exhaustive search, discussions with some industry stalwarts and endless brainstorming sessions to make the final call. From my bag of experience, here are the 5 things unique about MBA-CPM at RICS-SBE:


The on-going investigation and a personal touch from the alumni of their experience helped me learn that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), is a globally recognized professional body of Built environment professionals that could help me bag a white-collar job in any organization around the world. It opens a gateway of opportunities for aspiring managers like me for a steady and successful establishment in the industry. Not just this, it also provides a diverse career prospect for students who wish to become a chartered professional i.e. MRICS.


At RICS SBE, we are provided with a course that is structured based on competency-based learning and ensures that all the market requirements are duly met. I found my plate full of skills required for the managerial and technical career that I was looking forward to. Best of all, we got the exposure of learning by doing in terms of the application-based assignments that help us apply all the theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios.


In contrast to my preconceived notion, I got the chance to meet some of the most supportive and encouraging faculty members who are always literally just a call away. Their expertise and resources are at students' disposal at all points. They made sure that an amalgamation of challenging and engaging activities are provided to make the learning process fun. They are not just competent, knowledgeable and masters of their respective fields but also make sure to share their great insights thus motivating students to go beyond the curriculum and enter the real world.


It's easier said than done. Knowing the key to be a successful manager and be able to become one are two different things. The required communication skills and technical competence is provided by the school through participation in its official student body S.L.I.N.G, official monthly newsletter “Knowledge Chronicles” or other various extra Co-curricular activities. The possibilities are endless for those who wish to explore. An escape from the academic hustle, these activities have not only given a boost to leadership skills but also helped me develop a sense of responsibility towards my work.


The one thing that learners all around the world yearn for is 'hands-on' experience, which is provided at RICS in form of summer internship and weekly leadership lectures that are held for the students where top industry experts and some reputed dignitaries from the world of construction and real estate share valuable insights and their experiences in the field. This helps us explore and discover new opportunities in the built environment sector and develop a strong network in the industry.

About RICS School of Built Environment:

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry-led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in the built environment. RICS SBE only institute in India that offers PMI GAC accredited programme.

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