Three reasons to choose MBA CPM at RICS SBE

Stepping out of the Architecture College, I decided to have an experience of the industry and different job roles  as an Architect, before studying further. Simultaneously, I was also looking at what options are available for masters after B.Arch.


Want to be an Effective Manager?

Being in the industry for three years and working on different phases of the project, I realized how important it is for an Architect to be an effective manager as well. This led to the thought of pursuing a managerial course. Architecture has provided me with the skillset required for the Design Phase of a Project, however, most discrepancies arise as we spend less time on Design Management. With this in mind, I decided to look out for Project Management Courses for Masters. It is one of the reasons to choose MBA CPM.

Want to hone/ upgrade your technical skills??

Further, down the line, I realized that I am also inclined towards the Execution part of the Project rather than just the Designing of the Project. Going out in the field, coordinating with the consultants and getting things done, was what I wanted to be more efficient with. Having Architecture as the background I lacked in some aspects, although I was learning with time each day. Having understood that there are many other dimensions to the role that an Architect plays during the lifecycle of a Construction Project, I streamlined my search for Project Management courses to Construction Project Management Courses. This is another reason to choose MBA CPM.

With these two factors, my search came down to Construction Project Management as a course that I can take up for pursuing masters. However, the search was not over yet.

Want to know the Business side while being a Construction Manager? 

The next challenge was the various options available for master’s with Construction Project Management as the field. Judging the pros and cons of M.Sc,, PGD and MBA; I decided to go for MBA. Reason for this was very simple because as an Architect one always envisions to have their firm. Chasing my dream to have my firm the same day, it was a win-win situation for me, to have the technical and managerial skillset accompanied by Business knowledge. Further, it opened a lot more doors for me for pursuing a job, which other courses would not have provided me. This was the reason to go ahead with an MBA. 

One course that answers all the questions:

My search came to an end when I happened upon this course provided by RICS School of Built Environment, which was an amalgamation of all the requisite skillsets that I wanted to enhance in addition to providing a Business Administration Degree in Construction Project Management. Moreover, the curriculum is based on Education 4.0 and is revised according to industry and alumni feedback. This makes sure that we are always updated with what is happening around the world and are trained as per the Industry Requirement. Further, the college provides us with ample experiences to shape ourselves and network with people. The different platforms present are [S.L.I.N.G], the student body; Built Tank, the Entrepreneurship Cell; WIBE, the Women Cell; Knowledge Chronicle, the Newsletter and SBE Buzz, the social media platform.

I have been part of most of these student-run bodies and have grown immensely as a manager and leader. Apart from this the basic learning and teamwork help us to have a flavour of the corporate world, wherein we work with different teams and get to understand our strengths and weaknesses which we can improve on. Moreover, the best part is learning from the experienced faculties and their real-life experiences. The learning and understanding of the concepts are more if we learn through experiences. The best part is that the faculties are also amazing mentors to us apart from being great industry leaders. We always look up to them and they have been an inspiration to us. In addition to all of this, RICS is an International Brand and provides ample opportunities to excel in our profession. 

Having said that MBA CPM is one unique combination of techno-managerial course being offered to us, and I grabbed this opportunity to enhance my skillset. The one thing I am very sure of is I will never regret choosing this course and this has helped me to not just grow professionally but personally also. 

About RICS School of Built Environment:

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry-led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in the built environment. RICS SBE only institute in India that offers PMI GAC accredited programme.

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