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As India is a developing country, it is considered an emerging market which means it has a lot of potential to develop. This leaves the country with a lot of market niches that are yet to be explored. One such niche is the Real Estate and the construction sector. After RERA and GST have come into being, the sector has got even more regulated leaving a platform for the professionals to sieve the best outcomes for the country, organization and their selves.



Below are the frequently asked questions that any new aspirant has in their mind before joining RICS SBE. The fun fact here is that you will get the answers from the students of RICS SBE (Ar.Sagarika Chakraborty, MBA REUI and Aniket Thakur , MBA CPM, Mumbai) who have experienced the curriculum of REUI AND CPM that can help you get your answers.

If you are interested to venture into the real estate market or the built environment, you can be anyone – an engineer, an architect, a non-technical working professional or a fresher. What needs to be understood is “interest, focus and diligence”. If you have that, the course is for you. RICS has time and again handheld its students through placements, be it the internship or the jobs. But I would suggest that you should concentrate on gaining as much knowledge as possible. As one of my professors keeps saying to us – “Be so good that they can’t ignore you”. 

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Is the course worth it and what do you think about the placements?

RICS appoints experienced mentors personally, so that they can be by your side and help you grow. Also, you will be given a diverse platform where you will work as a team to achieve a given target. The curriculum of RICS is designed to make you a better human being in so many ways. This course is sure to make you a confident, self-sufficient and knowledgeable person.

What exactly is REUI and how is it different from CPM?

  • REUI stands for Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure where the professional’s role starts even before the project has initiated (land acquisition phase) and stretches up to managing and regulating the development (facilities/asset management) post-occupancy. The nature of projects as the name suggests (real estate and urban infrastructure) could span across vivid parts of the built environment namely- commercial (office buildings), residential, airports, metro stations, townships, public spaces, smart cites or transit-oriented development (TOD). Because of this wide variety and scope of the field, professionals are required on each front and India currently has an inadequate number of professionals in the market with skills that could cater to quality developments.
  • The curriculum allows you to do market research, build professional contacts, understand the current market scenarios across all the asset classes, build deeper insight of the real estate and infrastructure sector, understand projects up to urban level, understand valuation (of various asset classes) in detail, develop skill sets and competencies as per international standards that are widely accepted, Learn to understand the viability, feasibility of projects, learn corporate finance to understand how strategies work and also learn to be an entrepreneur. Endless learnings that would make you competent enough to not think only about placements but growth.

Students considering the REUI profile would be more inclined towards the broader (macro) level of the market – be it the economics or the construction. The REUI professional would be proficient in dealing and managing various verticals while CPM is more concentrated in the construction and project management sector as a specialization. However, we are provided with Electives in the second year where you could also take up subjects of your own choice across both the field of study.

  • Talking about Construction Project Management, provides you an exceptional platform if you are looking for quick solutions to common problems faced throughout the project development cycle of a construction project. CPM in simple terms is about managing construction projects During pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages of the project.
  • During all this stages project manager is tasked with the planning, coordination, budgeting, monitoring and controlling of the project to achieve the set targets, but, that’s not all. We are living in a modern society where life is getting better and there is a demand to cope up with everything that is changing around us and that is true because we cannot follow our traditional construction methodologies anymore.
  • Management of construction projects requires a thorough mastery of modern management with an understanding of design as well as construction process which involves directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern techniques to achieve all the objectives of time, scope, cost quality and above all stakeholders satisfaction. We understand that projects do not last forever and hence construction projects also have certain objectives as well as time constraints and future project managers will learn this approach using many present-day tools and techniques by integrating many softwares under CPM. 
What are the job profiles that can be taken up by REUI and CPM candidates?


  • Valuation
  • Consultation and Advisory
  • Business Development Executive
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Commercial Transactions /Leasing
  • Facilities Management
  • Project Management
  • Wealth Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Sustainable Consultants
  • Risk Advisory
  • Asset Management
  • Strategic Consultant
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Research Analyst


  • Project Management and Consultant
  • Cost Manager
  • Contract Management Execution
  • Project & Data Analyst
  • Real estate Sales and Marketing
  • Project Valuation
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Productivity and Lean construction manager
  • Design Project coordinator
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sustainable consultants
  • Risk Manager
  • Planning & scheduling Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Value Engineering

What are the kind of firms that hire the REUI and CPM Candidates?


  • International Property Consultants (IPC)
  • Developers
  • Banks
  • Facilities Management firms
  • Private Equity & Capital Markets
  • Valuation Firms -Advisory /Consultation
  • Housing Finance
  • Residential Sales
  • Government
  • Risk & Rating Organizations
  • Building Information Modelling firms


  • Construction Management Companies
  • Productivity and lean management
  • Developers
  • Residential Sales
  • Valuation firms
  • Contracting and Turnkey project solutions
  • Investment management
  • Data Analyst
  • Energy Management
  • Building Information Modelling firms
  • Government


RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in built environment.

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