My experience at RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, Mumbai

Even though I belonged to the same city, the journey to the campus seemed to be a long drive. The Amity University ( Mumbai) campus is located on the outskirts of the city, a countryside location surrounded by lush green mountains and isolated from the busy city life. But once you reach the campus, you realise that it’s a tiny habitat built for student life. Of course, it is still developing and taking shape and getting better with every addition. The main entrance of the campus, the courtyards in between the campus buildings, special courts for outdoor games and rooms for indoor games, canteens, hostel buildings and the college premises are well planned and designed for students interaction. 


RICS School of Built Environment is a school for professionals related to the AEC industry. I completed my postgraduation in Construction Project Management from RICS. At the end of my schooling, I realized that it was one of my best decisions. The academic curriculum and the wide exposure to different works of literature and experiences acquired during the study tenure is a lifetime knowledge bank for each one of us at RICS. The school has tried its best to provide the infrastructure facilities suitable as per the RICS standards. The extended support and knowledge delivered by the faculty members in their specialized knowledge areas helped us, students, to mould ourselves professionally. For further technical and moral support, there is a student support team to boost the overall development of the students. 


The school emphasizes the overall development of each student by motivating them to participate in various university campus activities. It is the combined effort of the schools at the university to motivate students to initiate and lead the Annual fest (Aminova), annual sports competitions (Sangathan) and other University activities.  

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry-led academic institution working under the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors umbrella, which conducts specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students aspiring to work in the real estate, construction, and infrastructure sector. It also serves as a hub for research and development of technical expertise in the built environment.

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