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February 26, 2020

10 ways to have a safe and Happy Holi!


March is here and many are looking forward to celebrating Holi- the festival of colours. You can see the magical blend of vibrant colours, happiness, and love all around. This festival is celebrated with a lot of gaiety. Express your love with colors. Spread the message of peace this holi. 

As per Indian customs and traditions, the festival occurs during the month of “Phalgun” and is celebrated with water, balloons and colours. The festival is known for the forgiveness of all the resentments of the past.

This festive season lets pledge to keep the environment safe. Due to more awareness in recent years, people have realized some of the health hazards due to harmful chemicals used during the festival. The usage of synthetic colours infects our eyes and skin which leads to skin-related ailments.

Let’s enjoy Holi to its fullest by using eco-friendly products. It’s time to go organic. Here are some ways in which we can enjoy a safe and happy Holi;

  1. Avoid Wastage of Water

shutterstock_1340958599-1As we all know, water conservation is the need of the hour. There is water shortage and scarcity in many parts of India. Play a dry Holi without wasting water. You can avoid the use of Pichkaris to spray water on others.

  1. Use Organic Colours


 There are many harmful chemicals in synthetic colours. Hence, you can use organic colours. This will protect your skin and hair. 

(Tip: Use substantial amount of coconut oil on your body and hair before playing holi).

  1. Make easy Holi Bonfire 


 Use ingredients like cow-dung cakes, coconut waste and camphor to light up to avoid pollution and cutting of trees to burn the woods. Pledge to protect trees and have a greener environment this Holi festival.

  1. Respect the Ban on Plastic

 As we all know, many states have completely banned the use of plastic. Avoid the use of plastic bags and let’s promote the usage of cloth bags. 

  1. Go traditional

shutterstock_1102760912We all love food and parties. Why not make traditional delicious and sumptuous dishes like puran polis, gujiyas and malpuas. 

  1. Holi with Flowers

shutterstock_1008303226Play a gentle Holi using scented flowers instead of polluting the environment. The use of flowers is calming and has a soothing effect. 

  1. Keep the animals safe

shutterstock_1344386435Do not apply colours on animals. Have an animal-friendly Holi celebration. Make sure you do not trouble the animals. 

  1. Make Your Colours

shutterstock_1029051763Make your colours using natural or herbal products only. You can mix and create your combinations. Fuller’s Earth, Turmeric, besan, sandalwood, besan, beetroot juice, etc can be used to create colours and add fun to your day.

  1. Have a Safe Holi

shutterstock_730671937Avoid the use of items like petrol, sand, eggs and even oil paints during the Holi festival. Do not spray or apply such stuff to your body as it is very harmful and is not required.

  1. Do not Litter or Pollute the Environment

shutterstock_1480049756Make sure you clean up the surroundings after celebrating Holi festival. 

Stay healthy, safe and happy on this beautiful day!



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