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December 06, 2019

Wondering what kind of a job you could  get in the Built Environment sector?

Investment Management
  • Real estate investment managers analyse real estate markets and work out the best case or optimal scenarios for development and investment, besides evolving an organization strategy and a project-specific marketing plan.

  • They evaluate various projects and perform all necessary due diligence for a possible acquisition.
  • Real estate asset managers establish business plans and budgets for the project, and monitor revenue, costs, developer schedules and quality of construction and many more.

  • Asset managers also work with the developer to forecast plan based on early warning signs of problems and issues affecting the project and reports to senior management.
Asset Management
Valuation, appraisal or credit management
  • Real estate valuers provide unbiased estimates of a property's value and quality. Valuers or valuation professionals usually work for banks or valuation firms. Real estate valuers work in the credit departments of banks and housing financial institutions.

  • Valuation professionals also act as independent land economists to determine the value of land and property portfolios for mortgage, taxation, probate and collateral purposes.
  • New call-to-actionConstruction contracts managers oversee projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget.

  • As a contract’s manager, you could be working on a wide variety of projects, from office developments to houses or schools and colleges to road and rail schemes.
Contract Management
Facilities Management
  • Facilities Managers provide professional advice on the design, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of buildings.

  • Building control managers have a very good understanding of how buildings are constructed along with good observational and problem-solving skills.
  • Construction project managers are responsible for managing and controlling all construction operations of construction projects. They start from the planning & design stage and ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget, meeting quality standards and safety requirements.

  • They coordinate with a lot of different professionals that involves communicating and organizing. They have high capacitance to meet the deadlines on time.
Construction Project Management
  • Construction economists (popularly known as Quantity Surveyors) are responsible for estimating and monitoring construction costs; ensuring that the project is within budget; preparing tax depreciation schedules; estimating replacement cost for insurance; mediation and arbitration.

  • They tend to work closely with the client or the contractors to ensure a project is efficient.
  • Are you willing to work hard and take risks to develop new properties? Then a career in real estate development and construction may be for you.

  • You can enter this business working for another developer, moving up to construction manager; or you can strike out on your own, starting with some smaller transactions.
Development & construction
Business Development
  • Real Estate Business Development concentrates on developing the real estate businesses.

  • It deals with the pillars of real estate business that require better coordination & cooperation from the developers of real estate.
  • Real estate advisors help investors care for property and, more importantly, select property in the first place by suggesting areas and property types that are likely to experience price appreciation in the future.

  • People who are good with statistics and excel at client contact do well in this job.
Advisory and consulting
Property Management
  • Leading real estate owners require professional property managers. Managers are responsible for negotiating leases, ensuring that tenants are satisfied, that rent is paid and that rents reflect market conditions.

  • This job is personally rewarding and allows you to learn the real estate markets, should you wish to embark in business on your own.
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