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December 20, 2019

Every winter break has a story

Start a Scrapbook

shutterstock_378615058It is one of the best winter activities for yourself or families. Besides, isn’t it about time that you did something with all those boxes of muddled photos?

Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

shutterstock_517549993Who doesn’t like a home filled with the aroma of hot cocoa? Invite family and friends.

Go Tubing or Sledding

shutterstock_131332349Pay your visit to a snowy hill or a resort which offers activities and take a fun ride down!

Camping in the Family Room

shutterstock_1497492122An evening camping in the living room with the whole family is so much fun.  Set up a tent in the room, gather up your pillows, snacks, blankets, books and any other for activities you want to do in order to feel connected to the family.

Have a Bonfire

shutterstock_1154122591Gaze up the stars and enjoy the winter season with your friends and family. Connect with the ones you think you couldn’t give time to.  

Do a Family Winter Photo Shoot

shutterstock_1483371263As the saying goes, “happiness is homemade”, relive the memories and get a photo shoot with the entire family.

Write a Thank You Note to Somebody


Thanking someone to show your appreciation is a great idea. Write a note to make them feel special for the efforts they’ve put in to be there for you or done something good to you.

Go trekking

shutterstock_767348878Look for a good place to trek and plan a trip with friends and family. Explore. Live. Laugh. Enjoy.


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