My Aspiration in Life

What do you mean by Aspiration? You will surely think of all the words that tag along with it like hope, desire, ambition, wish and many more. But for me, “Aspiration” is something that inspires me each day. When I think of it, I know the purpose of my living. When I chose to be an Architect, I was sure that it was my first step towards what I aspire. Being an Architect is not just a profession, it is about designing lifestyle of the people. As an architect you are not just professionally connected to your clients but you give a personal feel of belonging to the client. If you ask me the best part of it is to be able to design, plan and built someone’s dream. If you dig in to the past, you will be able to track the changing lifestyle trends and how these changes directly relate to the changes in the built environment. I aspire to think differently and eventually bring in a trend changing difference in the built environment. I aspire to become a Revolutionist.