Aspirations from RICS SBE

Imagine getting Christmas gift six months early!! Or Diwali just arrived half a year in advance! That immense joy was shooting through my veins the moment I stepped onto the campus of RICS SBE, AMITY UNIVERSITY, MUMBAI . I was in awe when I looked at the premises where I would be spending my next two years, honing and upgrading my knowledge. Not only was the walk through the campus, interaction with the faculty and the rest of the staff overwhelming but also the staggering difference between the city I come from, Ahmadabad, and the city I was going to live in, Mumbai, too huge and mind boggling for me to comprehend at first glance.

25TH of July was the first day of our semester. 4 months have gone by in a whirlwind of studies and various student activities that one gasps at the incomprehensible ways in which we have grown in such a short span of time. One thing which got solidly etched in my mind after coming here was that time is less and there is so much to achieve! Having regular mentorship sessions have helped bring so much clarity to my goals and how to achieve them. Being an architect by profession and having worked for two years I was clear from the start that I want to build my career in the BUILT ENVIRONMENT. RICS has helped me see the huge variety of avenues that one can opt for in this sector. The competency mapping, pathway orientation, goal setting have helped me decide the areas of my interest.

Top three profiles that I want to pursue further are:
1. Corporate Real Estate
2. Management Consultancy
3. Commercial Real Estate

There are certain companies that I would want to work in because of their high standards and quality of work. It is my short term goal to get an internship in either JLL MENA or DELOITTE for my summers. This is due to the fact that I am highly interested in the areas of Valuation, feasibility, business development and management.

Our faculties through the course of the programme are helping us achieve comprehensibility in these areas which makes us confident to face the market. Regular talks with the faculty regarding real time market dynamics keeps us abreast of what is happening in the outside world.


The effort the faculties put in, for our development makes us pull our socks up! Laughter echoes through the corridors here at RICS. Having a
teacher discuss something with the student, mentoring them, giving them feedback is a normal sight to see. Never have I encountered such a welcoming environment that facilitates learning. The assignments require a huge amount of self-study and cognitive analysis. Class presentations, public speaking, group discussions, home-works eliminate our inhibitions and weaknesses.

It is just not academics that is given importance here. Our overall development includes our soft skills enhancement as well. The early SLING elections, interactive sessions with industrial experts, site visits and interactions with professionals help us bind our book knowledge with real time work scenario. RICS provides a platform for wholesome development, such that one comes out with a well-rounded personality. And there are activities galore here!! Anybody will find their respective niche to grow here, such has been my experience so far, whether it is in academics or in co-curricular.


The ultimate goal is to become a FRICS, and CEO of the company I work in. This platform surely facilitates and propels me towards that path. Having MRICS and FRICS faculty is in itself a huge inspiration.

I wish to learn more and more as these two years are my investment in myself. A year and a half down the line I certainly want to be a better version of myself than what I am today. RICS provides me the stage to better myself every day without having the fear to fail. My classmates, our study sessions, group discussions provide a failsafe environment to grow and learn more. When everyone is inspired to achieve the best, one becomes better invariably. The healthy competition and timely guidance of the faculties through all these months has been a boon. This pilot project too is a step forward in that direction.

The expectations from this course, the campus and myself are high and every day is a step closer to meet my goals.