Before commencing my views about my aspirations or goals in life, I want to mention a day after my final SSC exam. My father made me sit across a table and asked which stream I wanted to opt for my high school. This was the time I could have shared my not so famous interest of writing. For my parents I was always this sincere and obedient child who would do something great in her life and make them proud. I always took my studies seriously as to they were the priority segment at that point of my life. Also I was someone who in her free time would dig into novels, blogs, short stories rather than doing anything that other teenager girls would do. When my father asked me to opt for science stream I immediately agreed because according to him it would give me innumerable carrier options to go for rather than studying literature that I actually wanted to pursue. That was the day and today is the day when I am doing my masters in Construction Project Management.

Aspirations as defined by dictionaries are an individual’s desire, hope, wish, hankering etc. For me aspirations is an individual’s passion and hunger to achieve something.  Studying the masters is completely my decision as it is my virtue of making my life sorted. It is my aspiration to be a successful Project Manager in a big fat construction company. Also my hunger for writing never ended, it still exists. A dedicated passion about any work will always help a person to grow as an individual personality. My aspiration of becoming a Project Manager has made me the first girl in the family to do masters. It earned me self-respect and confidence to be presentable in the society. On the contrary I never stopped writing. No writing being ever published legally but the praises from my family and friends always inspired me to just continue.

Coming from an army background, I have always been taught to follow my ethics and morals of being truthful and loyal to whatever work I do. An individual’s attitude towards his or her goals makes the major difference. A positive attitude to achieve the desired hanker despite of any obstacle in between is going to be the first step of the ladder towards success. The holy bible states, “Everyone is born for a purpose”. We human beings are born to serve the society. Being a project manager is going to serve the society by creating shelters, providing livelihoods and bread and butter to innumerable count of people. Also my aspiration to write something every day gives my inner self a feeling of satisfaction of chasing my dream of publishing a book of my poems. A persons aspirations helps him to stay focused in life. It helps a person to grow as a human both physically and mentally. It keeps a person rooted to its thought to an extent making them learn to tackle any situation coming their way. Also, above all a person should aspire to become a better human being first because this is where the story will initially start and the rest will eventually fall in place.