Achieve those aspirations

Lorii Myers rightly said: “An aspirational diet will have you dreaming of success; but it’s the attachment of expectations and tangible goals that feeds the desire, persistence and fortitude required to make the win.” Everyone wants to be successful in achieving their goals, likewise aspirations vary with age but the goals remain same. I aspire to succeed, earn wealth and most of all find happiness in  what I’m doing. By following these below mentioned five steps, achieving aspirations becomes clearer:

  1. A thing to do: I want to learn the various branches of real estate which will help me imprint it as an architect and be an overall bucket of information from deciding what kind of project is to be done, to designing that
  2. A place to go: As I’m already at the place where I’m supposed to be i.e., RICS School of Built Environment, to learn and acquire the knowledge and information in this domain from the best of teachers who are constantly motivating and feeding us with
  3. A skill to learn: Exploring my strengths and picking up my weakness while working on various
  4. An objective to achieve: As of now, I find myself stronger as a consultant and a designer; but I’d also want to explore
  5. A possession to obtain: The thirst to achieve this success and also make my parents feel proud about it will keep me going till I reach there and henceforward.

Last year, at this time is when I started working after my graduation not knowing where and what I’d be doing next. I was sure about pursuing my masters in architecture in near future but later decided to take up MBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure in RICS School of Built Environment, Mumbai. After talking to my friend who was already studying there, Dean of RICS, Mumbai and a few alumni students who had passed out from the Noida campus and were working, I knew that this is what I want to do.

The initial days here from the orientation period to a few weeks ahead were emotionally heightened for me with the change of place, new people, away from family but all I knew was that- I am here for a reason, to build my career and myself as a person, gain knowledge from the best of people and make good friends. Orientation involved opening up the school to us, the students; and high tea was the session where each member of the University made every student feel the warmth and belongingness here.

Soon, the classes began with everything scheduled. Interaction with the faculty and fellow colleagues was routine and soon we were bonding as friends. On the other hand, hostel life was new for me and with a few inconvenience all of us got adjusted to it, studying after classes, watching movies and having conversations with everyone was the most relaxing part of the day.

Then came the positions for SLING Community (student learning, innovation and networking group) wherein a student body from the batch is formed to carry out various events on weekly basis in the University for RICS School, it was a healthy competition with interview based selection. Happily, I was chosen for the Vice- President position along with my other friends in different positions.

Then we planned to have a weekend getaway and decided to go to Lonavala. Me along with a few friends who actually did all the planning left to Lonavala where we stayed over for a night, visited the close by hills and Tiger Point the next morning and got back. We also bought the famous chikki and chocolate fudge on our way back.

Soon the trail of mid- terms, assignments and presentations was laid, with a hectic schedule and successful completion here we are ending our semester while preparing to give the final exams.

Being a better self and imbibing values and ethics while dealing with the society by keeping in mind that the world is our home and we need to make this place better with every action of ours and feeding motivation to everyone around us to do the same.