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May 20, 2020

Real Estate Business

Real estate business is one of the major, most profitable businesses and a most chief component of economies which are largely categorized into three main categories: industrial & land, residential and commercial. Financiers, architects, building material suppliers, builders, engineers, and home realtors or real estate brokers come together to establish the vibrant real estate business.

Key features of Real Estate business are the real estate agents or a broker who handles clients in the transaction processes providing information, advice, arrange home tours and help sell the deals.

Real estate is the biggest capital asset. Management and estimation of risk is the key element of any fruitful real estate investment strategy. Risks can happen in many ways at any phase of the investment process.

A Real Estate Business Comprises Typical Sources of Investment Properties: -

  • Market listings
  • Private sales
  • Real estate agents and Real estate brokers
  • Government entities
  • Banks
  • Public auction
  • Real estate wholesalers and investors

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