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May 20, 2020

Construction Project Management

Construction Management is the management of activities that is conducted during the pre-design, design and construction phases of a project that contribute to the control of cost and time.

A construction manager supervises and directs various operations within a building project. Technology is developing in the construction sector, and we strive to keep up with the developments and give our students the expertise that is in line with all latest developments. 

At RICS School of Built Environment, MBA Construction Project Management prepares one to outshine in the role of a project manager, working in a team as a team leader.

The MBA in Construction Project Management program offered by RICS is the only program across India that is accredited by PMI-Global Accreditation Centre (GAC) supported by leading Real Estate, Infrastructure & Construction  firms as well as the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

The highly distinguished faculty at our School delivers research and practice-based teaching on a global curriculum which focuses on aspects of design management, pre-construction planning, construction project planning and control, cost management, qualitative and quantitative techniques for management, contract management, quality and safety management.

At RICS SBE, you will have the models, tools and techniques required to manage time, risk, safety, cost, quality, sustainability and human resources on large built environment projects. You will be able to work on different types of projects:, residential, hotel, institutional building, hospital, industrial buildings, roads, bridges, highways and infrastructure.

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