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Diksha Goel
October 27, 2020

Diksha Goel-an aspiring RICS Chartered member

While exploring many options to pursue my higher studies I hit upon the course, MBA Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure from RICS SBE. I was aware that this path is relatively less travelled but there is a great scope to rise. I come from a science background and graduated with a bachelor’s in architecture from Pune, University. While working as a Junior Architect with a developer in Pune, I realized the one thing that the real estate industry lacks are the skilled professionals. 

Most of my peers and juniors ask me how the specialization in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure help me choose my career.  This industry is rising by leaps and bounds along with allied sectors such as  infrastructure and construction on the back of the government's impetus for reforms and smart upgrades.

This places greater emphasis on the need for skill development of real estate professionals. Real estate is also attracting a lot of investment in the recent years, almost 70% of the global wealth is stored by people in real estate and as skilled professionals from RICS SBE, we can play a major part in bridging this gap.


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A career in the Built Environment sector comes along as a rewarding stream in our growing economy. The Built Environment Stream is a vast, complex and exciting industry that covers all sectors of industry such as real estate and infrastructure management, including traditionally recognised areas such as land survey, construction and property. 


Professions in the Built Environment include architecture, engineering, surveying, planning and management. Choosing the best institute for post graduate programme in Real estate was a task. Out of many courses, Professional courses offered by RICS SBE are designed in-keeping with industry requirements with inputs from the stalwarts of the industry itself who help in designing the curriculum. 

“Never stop learning; when we stop learning, we stop growing.”

-         Loyal “Jack” Lewman


To continue my journey of learning I have enrolled myself in the RICS - Chartered qualification, it commands respect from clients and peers by demonstrating that you work to the highest standards. The qualification is significant and a personal accomplishment to be proud of. With this qualification, one gets access to a range of practice standards, continuous professional development along with best practice guidance, and more to enhance your technical and professional knowledge. This qualification asserts your professionalism and credibility, instilling client and employer confidence in you. This gives you a competitive advantage over your peers in monetary terms and better opportunities.



What is most important is to start early and to not let the circumstances guide and steer your goals. One must work towards his/her career from the very beginning. Being decisive in what you want makes you stand apart from your peers and colleagues.



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