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September 30, 2020

4 Reasons why you should Pre-Register for 2021

Pre-registrations start from October 1st 2020. If you pre-register, it allows you certain exclusive benefits and you get the information on priority.



  •  A Globally Accredited Degree in your own country

An RICS-accredited degree is a benchmark that complies with international standards, valued by companies all over the world and a steppingstone to becoming an MRICS.

  • PMI-GAC accreditation – A symbol of recognition

First & the only institute in India to be granted PMI-GAC accreditation. The globally accepted accreditation ensures good placement offers for students in India as well as in the international market.

  • Excellent infrastructure & technology-driven teaching

Significant investment in the technology solutions to ensure a seamless experience in education in the new normal

  • Excellent Placement Record

An excellent placement record across India and internationally.


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