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March 23, 2020

6 things to do at home during quarantine period

Quarantine time for the busy millennials is a blessing in disguise. We feel that due to work commitments we couldn't spend time with families or at home much. But now that most of us work from home, there are things that you need to pay attention. Productively utilise that time. Here is a list of things you can do to make it all worthwhile!

Read a new book


Despite the way of life now being so fast-paced, it often seems like the only things we seem to do is post stories on Facebook and Instagram and check our social networking notifications. Therefore, take this time off to lay down your tablet, put your feet up and dive into the book you've been looking at from the shelf for the past year.

Take an online course


Another possible activity is to take online courses. There are plenty of free courses in the areas of Communication, Business, Programming, Marketing, behaviour, Sales, among others. To find the options, just search, open the search filters and select the option “Free”. You get to learn without going out and proves out to be the best in your interest. You can take certified courses that are beneficial for you

 Work on a hobby


Complete your unfinished projects or things that you’ve been wanting to do. Make the most of this time. Put some effort into your ideas and execute them. Give it a shot. Now is the time. 

Learn a new language


Learning a new language can help you fill in your time. You can learn any language of your choice. This can be helpful in the long term. This way you can avoid communication barriers and overcome them. There are applications on mobile that offers foreign language classes for free. 

Try new recipes


This is the best time to learn and experiment with new recipes. Explore the cooking websites and take out your hidden talent. Feel the joy of cooking for others and yourself. And like we all know; nothing brings people together like good food. 

Do physical exercises


Take advantage of your free time to exercise.  This will help you prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. Several free applications offer convenient workouts. Exercising will help you improving your health and regular activity can improve your quality of life. 

Stay safe. Eat healthy. Stay indoors. Keep washing your hands. Protect others from getting sick. Educate the unaware. Do your bit and we will come out better together.



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