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Ankita Sharma
May 09, 2017

Why the evolution from architect to archipreneur is the future?

There are nearly 40,000 architects in India, but only a select few are successful. This has less to do with their talent and more about their understanding of the projects. Majority of the architects function as service providers and since the profit margins are less, find a hard time in operating.

Architects have to upgrade themselves and take up management aspects of the project as well. The trend of outsourcing the entire project to the architect who not only takes care of the design and interiors but also executes the project is picking up fast and architects who merely provide service instead of managing the project will gradually phase out too.

Even history validates that the greatest buildings were built by people who saw the project from ideation to completion like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. In recent past Jonathan Segal in US and Total Environment in India have mastered this art of being an architect & developer. It has worked so well for them that they are able to create beautiful spaces, create a niche identity and cater to a huge demand while earning profits. To top it all they have all the creative freedom that they desire simply by upscaling their delivery level on projects.


Architects are considered to be the captain of a ship and if they are not able to steer the project properly there are little chances of repeat clients. Instead of just focusing on being the service providers, it is high time they should focus on providing the complete solution to their clients.


For this they need to understand the business aspects of the project as well right from who is developing it, financing it, leasing it, constructing it and what is the price point at which it should be delivered. If they are unfamiliar with the entire lifecycle they will find little voice and grasp of the project and will fade out in the competitive market.

Even after 10-15 years of experience, they will find themselves stuck and stagnated. They hit a roadblock where a B.Arch degree is not just sufficient to prove their capabilities. A Master’s degree relevant to their skillset will help them develop the necessary techno-managerial skills whether they are working in an office or operating their own business. The most valuable takeaway of the masters program is always the network that you build with your peers. With a muli-disciplinary background consisting of engineers, lawyers, developers who will create a network of people who will help you deliver projects in the long run.


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