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October 25, 2016

Top 5 things you should have for a successful career!

We are all looking forward to create a successful career for ourselves & excel in our chosen career path. It is important to have a strong foundation and work towards it right after school. In today’s day and time it is extremely crucial that you stay ahead of the game and differentiate yourself in order to break the clutter.

Here are 5 things you must do for a successful career, especially at a college or a university stage:

Globally recognized degree

The time of going to the same office for the whole of your career is gone. With global going glocal, job hunt or placement is not restricted to the geography you live or study in anymore.

 Even if you are looking at a career path, one must be able to pursue higher education from universities around the world. A degree which is recognized globally helps and also fetches reputation. When a degree is accredited by a professional body, the value associated with it goes even higher, since a certain standard of quality is expected from them.

top-5-things-3.jpgIndustry specific knowledge

Whichever course you might opt in for, investing into domain and industry knowledge is critical. In today’s fast paced world most global companies prefer a candidate who comes with domain expertise, instead of having to teach them from scratch. With every field getting more diversified, what has become crucial is that our knowledge is specialized.

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A doctor today is not simply a doctor, he is an oncologist, a pediatrician, a cardiologist etc. Similarly, companies today are interested to hire students with specialized domain expertise. One of the foremost advantages of pursuing a specialized course is that it connects students with industry specific employers leading to job offers and training experience. It also enhances a student’s employability and job prospectives.

top-5-things-1.jpgInternational exposure

People who have made it big in their careers have often mentioned how their time abroad gave them the exposure that made it easier for them to deal with newer markets and challenges. A Fortune 1000 Executives’ survey by MetLife Inc showed that 65% of them felt, that a “knowledge of other nations and cultures and exposure to international issues” to be very important or absolutely essential for a college graduates’ employability.

Colleges today, hence attempt at giving students an international flavor with exchange programs. Like for instance, students of RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University visit 6 Asian cities to study different real estate projects. 

Access to network

To enter the industry as an employee or to build your own enterprise – networking is the key. If you have the right kind of contacts and accessibility, success is bound to happen. This is why linkages with the industry are very crucial even while you are graduating. Access to information and people across the globe lends you an edge over others. International student journals on built environment, student specific career guides, access to members – are some of the benefits that students at RICS SBE count upon.

SBE_Infographic_real estateOpportunity to start big

Your starting point today is as important as where you finally drive your career. The first place you start working helps you set a standard of your future jobs as well. Hence, it is very essential that one chooses an institution that has a placement cell that guides them to a right kind of job role, as well as a company of repute.

A robust placement cell, would also help you enhance your best skill sets, and prepare you for interviews. One more thing to consider is to look at the kind of industry backing the institution. This gives you an idea about the prospects of getting your foot in the door of a reputed brand.

If you make sure that you are choosing an institution based on this checklist, you would have already started on the right career path.