Make tough calls at the right time!

I remember it was the summer of 2016 when I graduated in Civil Engineering and started working. Placed at the Head Office of the organization, I was exposed to a lot of managerial jargon and concepts that were quite alien to me. While I was exposed to the fieldwork once in a while, I was exposed to the managerial side of the organization and I started liking it.

When I decided to pursue a Post Graduate Degree, I had 2 options in front of me based on my Undergraduate education. One was the M. Tech and the second being an MBA degree. After researching for a bit and talking to some of my peers, I got to know that a management degree, specializing in my domain is possible and I started looking for options when I came across RICS School of Built Environment.


Now the question that came to the fore was about the course I wanted to pursue and after considering all the factors, these 3 were the ones that helped me choose MBA (Construction Project Management):

1. Diverse Subjects

The one thing that caught my attention was the diversity of the subjects in the course on the website. With a plethora of options present, it could help me identify my niche and work towards it. While the course is titled Construction Project Management, it covered many topics such as contracts, valuation and a lot more that caught my fancy and attracted me towards it.

2. Varied Careers Available

When I consulted people in the BE domain, I also get to know that a degree in CPM would help me explore different avenues in the sector and get a chance to work in them. It also showed that I’ll not be restricted to the Real Estate Domain, but switch between Real Estate and other sectors as well.

3.Created a bridge between UG & PG course

CPM, being a subject taught at an elementary level in the UG gave a sense of familiarity to it and it felt that I was just going deeper into one of my subjects that I had studied before, and was one of the ones I could connect to. 

While there are many more reasons why MBA (CPM) was my choice from the offerings that RICS SBE had for me, these 3 are the ones that decided for me. While the choice might seem quite simple, it was one of the critical ones, as it decided the future path one takes this point forward, and personally, the course has so far proven to be one of the excellent choices I made.

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