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January 24, 2021

RICS SBE MBA Program-A solid foundation to a career path

I am a Civil Engineer by profession and recently graduated from RICS SBE with an MBA degree in Construction Project Management, Batch 2018-2020. I was placed with Turner & Townsend as an Assistant Project Manager and I'm very excited to begin my career as a Built Environment Professional.

I've always wanted to seek higher education because I knew that only a bachelor's degree is not enough to achieve a senior role in any organization. So, while I was searching, I got to know about RICS SBE through Quora and attended a few Webinar Sessions that the school conducts. It cleared my ambiguity concerning the option of post-graduate courses, and I was fascinated by their structure of courses, which focused on the specifications of the Indian Built Environment Sector for skills and competencies.
shutterstock_1013430769Right from the outset, we were allocated a mentor who measured our Strengths & Vulnerability and gave us complete feedback and encouragement over the whole term. The Professors and all the staff members were professionals and had astute knowledge and experience in the built environment sector. The work of the course concentrated not just on technical aspects, but also on the growth of our personalities and the strengthening of our skills and the establishment of a basis for upholding ethical standards in our field. Our Assignments and exams were designed specifically which aligned with problems and solutions faced in the industry. The coursework was constantly updated confirming to the industrial trends and technologies promoted. They also provided an opportunity to intern with India's Leading Companies which allowed us to impart our learnings in a practical sense.

Some of the best memories were created in this place as time flew by really quickly. A lot of technical, cultural and sports activities were conducted by S.L.I.N.G team which was not only fun but also helped with the overall development of my personality and social skills. The school provided their support during their campus recruiting session, which involves mock assessments, individual interviews that enhanced our morale for the actual ones.
As a whole, this place offers us a chance to develop our skills and competencies along with our overall personalities so that we can develop into a promising professional who is ready to take on challenging leadership roles with any organization.

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