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August 20, 2020

New 2020 session to begin at RICS SBE


We are living through uncertain times and everything seems to be crouched in a veil of ambiguity. Students had no clarity about a number of issues, some were anxious to find out when new sessions would begin while others wanted some other queries addressed. RICS School of Built Environment (SBE), Amity University took a decision that students should not have to wait any longer for the start of the new session and fixed September 1, 2020 as the date for the new session to begin. While classes for the returning batch already started a few weeks ago, now there is palpable excitement at the thought of welcoming a new set of students to the RICS SBE family.



Classes to shift to campus as soon as the government gives the go-ahead

RICS SBE has all the infrastructure in place to welcome students on campus, but currently, in conformance with the government directive, the classes will be held online. It’s good to know that students of our ongoing batches are very happy with the quality of our online class mode and the willingness and availability of the teachers to help them when they need it; but we are eager to shift back to the traditional face to face system and as soon as the government considers it safe, which may be soon, we will move to the face to face on-campus classes.


Only a few seats left - Apply Now

The announcement of the beginning of a new session means that the admission process is closing soon. The high standard of education imparted at RICS SBE and globally accredited degrees offered here have ensured that most of the seats are already filled and only a few are left, so if you haven’t yet completed your application please click here to do so immediately.

Another reason for fast closing seats is that many students realise that it is futile to look for a job in a battered global economy. In the current situation, it is better to study now and upskill yourself so that by the time the economy recovers you are in the right place to get good job offersRead more about why you should study now and work later.


Have you paid and secured your seat?

During the last few days of admissions, there is always a surge of applications. Those students who have already completed their application forms can call on  +91-847 101 1011 right away to make the payment to secure their seat.

Students will be kept updated via email and sms on any issues that are related to admissions. Following is a set of FAQs that may help answer some of your queries. However, if you still have any doubts please feel free to call +91-847 101 1011 to speak to our counsellor.


shutterstock_1090609232FAQs related to commencement of classes on 1st Sept

1. Our University term end exam is not done yet, we don’t even know for how long our exam will be, considering this how will we join without any clarity from our University.

As per the UGC guidelines and latest Supreme court order, the exams will have to be conducted by the Universities by 30th Sept 2020. Our classes are starting online, so you can simultaneously start off our classes too alongside. If you have to take off for preparation or giving the exam for few days, we will allow the same (your attendance will be adjusted and you will be provided with recorded classes and also extra classes).

You can submit to us the final documents by the end of semester 1 (by Jan 31st, 2021). Under special circumstances, you will be given even more time for the same. 

Hence it is suggested that without wasting this year you join for the course so that you can make the best out of the time when the economic condition and job market is down by enhancing your skill set to be ready for the career once the global markets open up.

 2. What will be the policy for withdrawal in case if we join for the online classes alone and later wish to withdraw?

Whether it is online classes or offline classes the policy for withdrawal will remain the same, as the quality of education remains the same in both cases. We will be following the guidelines laid by the UGC and standard deductions will be happening as per what is stated in their website for Universities.

 3. What is the guarantee that the offline classes will begin in October because the Pandemic situation still prevails?

The commencement of offline classes will depend upon the permission by the Government and UGC considering the prevailing situation. As an Institution, we are fully equipped and ready to start offline classes with all respect to the social distancing norms as soon as we get a directive. We are tentatively saying that the chances are high for the classes to start offline as the situation has started to improve and except for educational institutions all other institutions have already opened for public.

 4. As you are saying classes will start from 1st September 2020, but did UGC grant you permission for the same?

Yes, UGC has permitted us to start the classes online. Once we get the permission to start the classes offline we will notify about the same.

 5. If offline classes will start in October, how will the students stay in the hostel because the hostel rooms are on sharing basis and in what manner will social distancing be maintained?

The University has formulated an SOP based on the guidelines laid by the government in terms of social distancing based on which on staggered manner hostel will be opened and all the health and safety norms will be followed. Even for classroom and public areas, this would be applicable (Based on the Bubble concept for social distancing).

 6. I got compartment in 12th class so can I attend the classes from September if I pay the fees? My result did not come and will come in November or later.

Students will be given time to give exam and submit the education documents. Please refer to question 1 for details. You can submit to us the final documents by the end of semester 1 (by Jan 31st, 2021). Under special circumstances, you will be given even more time for the same. 

 7. If my exams/results come in Sept or Oct and if I fail after giving that exam, will I get the full refund of my fees?

We will be following the refund policy based on the UGC guidelines which are decided by the University. If a student becomes not eligible and failed to produce the documents even after the stipulated deadline then the student must be debarred and accordingly the refund will be happening.

 8. If we take admission there and offline classes will start from October, what will be the medical arrangements in the campus (In view of this epidemic)?

As per the guidelines and SOP set by Government and UGC, all safety norms will be followed. We already have a dedicated medical room with a doctor, dispensary, and ambulance (24/7). Utmost care will be taken to ensure sanitization and social distancing.

 9. When you had to start an online class only then initially why didn’t you started in July?

In the month of July, there was a lot of uncertainty and the situation. The guidelines from UGC also came later in July so we are adhering to the same.

 10. By the way, this season is starting very late, so we are in doubt on whether to take admission this year or not.

There is a certain amount of time which is dedicated to core studies and for co-circular activities (sports, inter-college fest etc.). The core studies timeline is of 15 weeks which will be mandatorily taken by making time from the co-circular activities which can no longer happen. Hence the exams which would happen in November will be happening by January end next year. So, we can assure you that there is no loss of classes.

Hence it is suggested that without wasting this year you join for the course so that you can make the best out of the time when the economic condition and job market is down by enhancing your skill set to be ready for the career once the global markets open up.

 11. This year has been very turbulent, we are struggling with financial, personal issues, job loss etc. In such a situation there is a little fear to send our children so far.

The economy will take a couple of years to be back to normal after this pandemic. At this point, students will face a challenge landing a job or finding opportunities that meet their specific requirements in the market. Hence, it is the best time to ‘sharpen the saw’ by enhancing your education and skill set as per the market demands for your career. Once the job market opens, then you can pick the best options available for your career. We are well equipped to start offline classes safely.

 12. We have opted for the hostel, so should we pay the hostel fee now or not?

The hostel will be opened as per the UGC guidelines after considering all safety norms. In case if you wish to book the hostel, you can pay, and book as very limited rooms are remaining for the hostel.

 13. If classes will start on the campus in October offline, should we book our travel tickets now?

We will be notifying you well in advance (at least 15 days prior) about the offline classes. So till the time, any further notice comes please do not book tickets.

 14. What will be the attendance policy for online classes? In case we are absent from a few classes for exam preparations, then how will you compensate for it?

You will be given off for your exam days. The attendance also will not be a problem for you. We will be arranging for your extra classes and sessions with your mentors to compensate for the lost classes. Apart from this, the recorded version of the class will also be available for you. Hence be assured that you will not be losing anything.


RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in built environment.

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