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Kundan Hallur
December 23, 2020

MBA after!

I was asked the same question during my interview before I  joined RICS SBE. My father always advised me that an MBA would provide great knowledge and would educate me on working smartly, and that's how it happened.


I was looking for  MBA courses in Real Estate & and I found the best one. If you are about to graduate anytime soon and looking for a course to specialize in, I would suggest you give due consideration to the courses offered at RICS SBE. Real estate management courses are set keeping in mind the need of the industry and the course content is revised every year to fill in the demand from the industry. 

The curriculum at RICS SBE opened so many new dimensions in real estate. The way that I understood and saw real estate before the MBA and now are two different levels. My perception of real estate and the construction industry has been elevated after my time with RICS SBE. 




Before joining any course, we ask ourselves a few questions like, how the faculty would be? How will they be with students? I too had these questions and, after completing my course, I can state that the faculty at RICS SBE is from the construction and real estate industry which brings in that extra bit of experiences from their life in the industry. Apart from the in-house faculty, there are a lot of visiting faculty who manage to take their time out from their schedule to come and teach at the campus. I was super amazed to be a part of Real Estate Regulatory Framework lectures which were conducted  by the visiting faculty who was an advocate at the Supreme Court. Doesn’t it clear the air about how good the faculty is? 

I have learnt many things from the course and the faculty both. I have gained values, discipline and commitment from the professors. Apart from the technical education that you get, these things do matter in the industry. The learnings will help you stand out from the crowd. 


Support and Placements   


I experienced the "Student Support" department for the very first time in an educational institute. The dedicated people who address all the issues right from registration till your placement. They work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. You wouldn’t feel their need, but subtly their work is what keeps it going. The placement team finds good core companies in India and abroad to place the students. 



RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in built environment.

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