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November 18, 2019

Facilities Management guest lecture by Mr Yogesh Shimpi

In an interactive discussion with the students of RICS SBE at the Amity University campus, Mumbai, on 9th November,2019, Mr. Yogesh Sudam Shimpi started the session with a brief introduction about Facilities management and scope of activities involved. Eminent terms like service specifications, critical success factors and Key performance indicators were discussed in detail. 

The concept of Service Level Agreement was also covered with executed sample. The session was concluded with examples of Balanced score card.

FM Mr. Yogesh Sudam Shimpi is AGM M & E, handling business development and Facility Management, Duster Total Solutions Provider, An SIS Group Company. He has over two decades of experience in Electrical, Mechanical and Integrated Facility Management Services. He has been coming to our campus since last year and enlightens critical aspects of SLAs and FM Contracts to our MBA students.

RICS SBE is an industry-led institution aims at providing good education and tremendous placement opportunities to the students. The placement team grooms its students and help them achieve confidence. The institution provides guest lectures from the industry experts which helps in enhancing students’ knowledge.

The school has exchange programs with some of the leading universities around the world, such as the University of Salford, UK. It is a brilliant opportunity for individuals considering international exposure as they also get to be a part of the Asian Cities Program, wherein they get the opportunity to work with some of the top universal firms across several cities in Asia.

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