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Prof. Amol Shimpi
May 14, 2019

Education 4.0 - the education revolution is here!



In today’s continually advancing world with changing technology and information overload, students need to be trained, not taught. Information needs to be made accessible to all and students need to learn how to find it rather than depending on teachers to offer it to them in a rigid structure. It’s time to bring Education 4.0 into the 21st Century! But what is it exactly?

Let’s talk about its need first!

It has now been fully recognised that no two students are alike - they do not have the same starting point, they can learn and absorb different vital areas, and need to be guided to develop their skills rather than throwing a predefined set of points at them. Students need to be prepared for the next industrial revolution which will happen in their lifetime.

Education 4.0

Educationalists have debated various ways in which the content of education and the process of learning will need to change over the years to come. Disruptive education guru, Clay Christiansen, points to the dramatic unbundling of education from its present forms so it can be personalised. Whether it is classrooms or workplace, online or offline, standardised or not, learning is likely to break free from the old mindsets in the coming years.

Education 4.0 is the future of education, which:

  • Responds to the needs of ‘Industry 4.0’, where machine and man align to enable new possibilities
  • Has the potential of digital technologies, open sourced content, and the new humanity of the globally-connected world
  • Establishes a blueprint for the future of learning from childhood to schooling, to learning in the workplace, to playing a better role in the society

Education 4.0 is an education revolution that is flexible and tailor-made and is taught by teachers who become mentors to their students. It gives the workforce of tomorrow the tools to become active lifelong learners and is a self-sustaining model for education.

Education 4.0 for a successful workplace

In the changing technological environment, workplaces have to adapt constantly. Employers and managers need to prepare for new strategies and understand that risk and innovation are unavoidable. It can be said that organisations cannot compete anymore in this ever-changing environment without proper knowledge.

Managers have to manage the teams in such a manner that the employees change their ideas, vision and attitude in the long term. Organisations need to employ knowledge management as a strategy; this means knowing how to apply the strategy’s concepts to enhance the performance of processes and systems. The landscape of educational technology was majorly transformed by Industry 4.0, and the rapid changes in knowledge have developed the new education model for the future.

The education system needs to be fully ready to accept the vital changes that are occurring in the Indian industry today. RICS School of Built Environment has realised that and came up with the concept of MBA 4.0 to address this need.

The future will belong to those who are ready to accept change and adapt towards technology like new rules of the game. The education 4.0 domain will mark the beginning of a new era which will make all of us look at distinctly learning things. Are you ready to be a part of this revolution?