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Ankita Sharma
September 27, 2016

Choosing the right MBA!

Before jumping onto the bandwagon of an MBA degree make sure you aren’t taken for a ride. There’s a plethora of MBA programs to pursue. But which one is right for you. This quick guide will help you decide on choosing an MBA program that works for you.

When looking into an MBA program check for:

  1. Relevant education: Is the curriculum updated as per the industry demands? Is practical learning part of the course or is it just theoretical? Is internship part of the program? If yes, does the college provide help in attaining the right internship for you? What about the faculty and its academic expertise? Will this education be relevant in coming times?
  2. Career Options: Does this MBA gives you access to the right kind of career options?
  3. Career growth: At what level will you join an organization after this MBA? Will you have an edge over others? What about the prospects of growth, meaning how fast will you grow?
  4. Career stability: Will the career be recession proof? How stable and secure will your job be?
  5. Pay Package: After spending a considerable amount of time and money on this MBA, what will be your starting salary? Will campus placements be provided?
  6. Course fees: What will be the overall cost of the degree?

Once you judge your options on these parameters, you will be better prepared on deciding upon the right MBA program for you. Take for instance, an MBA education from RICS School of Built Environment (SBE), Amity University.

Here are some answers to the above questions. RICS SBE offers MBA programs in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure (REUI), Construction Project Management (CPM), Infrastructure Management (IM) and Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying (CE & QS). It is one of its kind institute in India training professionals in the field of built environment.

The curriculum is designed with inputs by industry professionals that make sure it remains relevant and updated with changing times. Practical learning model is followed; hence site visits and case studies are part of learning. Apart from this, internship assistance is provided by RICS SBE so that the students get the right kind of industry exposure while imbibing the knowledge in real life. The faculty is picked from the best institutions on built environment across the world with years of practical experience and knowledge. Guest lectures from eminent industry professionals is also part of the course. International exposure in the form of exchange programs with University of Salford and Asian cities Program is also available.

RICS SBE trains and prepares you for an industry that is destitute of professionals and is growing at a fast pace. By 2020, India is going to be the 3rd largest construction market in the world. Built environment is the 2nd largest contributor to our GDP. The industry faces 80% shortage of professionals and is therefore willing to pay handsomely to professionally qualified individuals. All the major MNCs are supporting built environment education in India and hiring graduates actively. This also makes the career growth chart appealing. If you dream to be a CEO at a young age this is the right career option. Dearth of skilled talent in this field makes hard working professionals attain success at an early age.

Another advantage is that built environment is an ever growing industry. Its demand grows each day with growing population. Real estate, construction and infrastructure are part of the modern man’s basic need. It will never face recession. A diverse field of career options will be open for you, ranging from valuations, housing finance and mortgaging, business development, sales and leasing, research and advisory, corporate finance, strategic consultancy, project management, contracting, asset management, transactions, property/facility management, capital markets, quantity surveying, cost management et al.

Think about the average salary MBA graduates draw in India. According to (dec 2014) the average salary of MBA graduates (with 1-4 years’ experience) is  INR 3.7 lakhs p.a. which diminishes in comparison to the average CTC of INR 6.7 lakhs p.a. offered to MBA graduates from RICS SBE during campus placement (Dec 2014). 85% of the batch was placed within first 15 days of placement process, such is the demand of skilled professionals in built environment. 

The last and most important parameter is the course fees. The rewards of choosing an MBA in built environment are many but what will it cost? You will be surprised to find that the course fees is less than the average remuneration package offered. This means that you can repay the whole amount within an year with your salary.