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Gautam Pant
February 08, 2019

Benefits of joining the RICS School of Built Environment to make a career in Construction Management




Construction project management is a dynamic field that offers an enigma of opportunities to grow and excel in the roles of a leader or a manager, providing innovative solutions to difficult problems. The construction sector is expected to grow more in terms of revenue because of the growing investment in real estate, energy projects, and infrastructure, which contributes to its unmatched expansion. The Government of India (GOI) is undertaking multidimensional projects to speed up the growth rate in the construction industry. According to reports, India’s real estate market is expected to reach a market size of USD 180 billion by 2020, whereas the size of India’s construction industry expected to be USD 1 trillion by 2025. Therefore, it is the best time to both invest, and pursue a career in Construction Project Management. If you are a construction management aspirant, it is the right time to pursue a career in the said field. Various colleges and industries are offering postgraduate courses in construction management at varying levels to meet the career requirements of the students, one of them being RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University.

RICS SBE offers an MBA in Construction Project Management. This unique MBA course prepares you to excel in the role of a project manager, working in a team, often as a team leader. You will be able to lead teams of specialists including Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural engineers, Electrical engineers, sustainability experts and finance experts.

We are detailing out the benefits of pursuing your career in Construction Project Management from RICS School of Built Environment:

A Valuable Degree

RICS is a 150-year old institution and global standard-setting body for the Real Estate and Construction sector. The institution has immense pedigree around the world with all major organizations which prefer hiring RICS qualified people. RICS-accredited degree is benchmarked as per international standards and is valued by companies all over the world. Currently, the MBA courses offered by RICS SBE are the only RICS accredited courses available in India. This makes these specialized degrees much more valuable for the students as well as the industry.

Exposure to the industry

The unique MBA CPM program at RICS SBE provides its students with the much-needed exposure of the industry. The students get a chance to work closely with industry professionals during the tenure of their course and build lifelong relationships to help them in their future.

Specialized Faculty members

The faculty members at RICS SBE take up both a theoretical and practical approach of teaching the students. The course curriculum is curated only by the subject matter experts who possess a considerable amount of knowledge and skills of the construction field. They help the students in getting clarity and understanding of the core concepts of real estate and construction industry.

Excellent Placement Record

RICS SBE holds an excellent placement record. In 2018, students were placed in leading construction firms and companies across India and at a global level. The latest 2018 placement report is available on RICS SBE website, which depicts how RICS SBE has become the hub for quality talent for all the major organizations for Built Environment. The active nature of the placement cell helps the students in getting the right fit for their careers within weeks of placement procedures.

Wide curriculum

The curriculum for MBA in Construction project management gives you a chance to experiment and cover a broad spectrum of the construction sector. An insight into the curriculum will help you prepare for the role of a leader in the field of construction project management.

Without a construction project manager, it would be impossible to ensure the smooth functioning of any project. Tap into one of the highest paying jobs of the built environment sector with a specialized MBA program from RICS School of Built Environment.