Chetan Zaveri MRICS Vice President, IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Limited

Posted by Chandni on Sep 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The School of Infrastructure students visited Mumbai for an industrial tour in September 2016. The first day of this industrial tour witnessed a session by Mr. Chetan Zaveri, where he interacted with our students about solid waste management.

Mr. Zaveri emphasized that in India, a proper waste management system is necessary to control different types of pollution, prevent diseases, conserve resources and recycle the hazardous wastes for further production. He highlighted the point that the need of the hour is to implement the best ways possible to manage the solid waste. He also pointed out that Solid Waste Management is a serious issue.

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Smart cities in India: Impact on career prospects

Posted by Ankita Sharma on Sep 16, 2016 11:25:26 AM

India is urbanizing at a pace so fast that the statistics scare & excite the experts at the same time. Reports suggest that over 97 cities will grow from a population count of 340 million [2008] to around 540 million by 2030. This speed of growth in cities poses challenges, but also offers big opportunities.

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Why civil engineers should consider an MBA in Infrastructure?

Posted by Ankita Sharma on Sep 14, 2016 1:11:55 PM
27 Mar 2016

Infrastructure is the engine that drives the economic growth of the world. Civil engineers who pursue a specialized MBA in Infrastructure Management will have a plethora of global job opportunities.

Is your engineering degree enough for success?
As perceptions go, engineering ranks as the top profession chosen by the youth in India with civil engineering being one of the key categories that they opt for. In the next two decades, India is poised to grow rapidly and Infrastructure being the pillar of economic development, the government plans to invest up to 1 trillion US Dollars in this sector. For sure engineers will play a big role in the mega development projects that have been planned. But in this time of specializations is it enough to be just a civil engineer?  

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Need of specialized professionals in infrastructure

Posted by Ankita Sharma on Sep 14, 2016 1:06:02 PM

This article was first published in The Hindu Business Line BLOC edition in May 2015. This is a reiteration of the same article.

To emerge as a key economic player, infrastructure development in India is the key. The current government’s emphasis on building smart cities and advancing infrastructure underlines the impending need. However, shortage of skilled manpower is posing a hindrance to timely delivery of several projects. Here, industry veteran Prof. D.T.V. Raghu Rama Swamy talks about the need of higher education in the field of infrastructure and how an MBA degree in Infrastructure Management will help bridge this gap.


1. What is infrastructure management?

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Roli Singh, General Manager and Business Excellence, Tata Housing

Posted by Ankita Sharma on Mar 10, 2014 10:00:00 AM

The RICS School of built environment, with its commitment to provide the best platform to the students – organized the first set of internship interviews. Roli Singh, General Manager and Business Excellence and Mr. Anil Gupta, Vice President – Engineering of Tata Housing recently visited the School and selected few students for internships, beginning May this year. Roli Singh, an experienced recruitment professional, with over decades of work experience, was overwhelmed during the visit. Students from MBA – Construction Project Management and MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure were interviewed, out of which few have been selected.

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Dr. Nuno Gill, Professor of New Infrastructure Development, Manchester Business School

Posted by Ankita Sharma on Feb 18, 2014 10:00:00 AM
Dr. Nuno Gill is Professor of New Infrastructure Development and Associate Director (Research) in Centre for Infrastructure Development. Recently, Dr. Nuno visited the School and delivered an interesting lecture on the opportunities and challenges in developing large infrastructure in democratic societies.

The talk started with a brief on addressing the dynamics of the global infrastructure business ecosystem and how they are shaping new approaches that governments around the world can resort to develop new large infrastructure. Further, the session highlighted the ground-breaking model of the new infrastructure development life-cycle, and shed light on two fundamental challenges faced by promoters of large infrastructure:
  • The resource acquisition problem
  • The resource allocation problem The session concluded with a discussion of the advantages of conceptualising an organization formed to develop new large infrastructure, so-called 'megaproject organization', as a hybrid meta-organization to design superior management and governance structures.
Nuno coined the term New Infrastructure Development to designate an intellectual framing that encompasses the intertwined socio-political, financial, and technical challenges characterizing the leadership, management, and governance of mega infrastructure programmes, and more broadly, portfolios of programmes held by corporations, cities/regions, and nations.

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