Even while dealing with the COVID -19 induced crisis, life has to go on and in that spirit, we at RICS SBE, manage ways to keep our fellow mates engaged and their mental well-being a priority through virtual online activities. We try and make sure that even if we are not together physically, we are there for each other virtually.

As we all know that India is widely known for its diversity and rich cultures, so we here at RICS SBE had organized cultural events and activities for our students. Coming from various states they carry that essence of cultural values and traditions. Therefore SLING provided the students a platforms to arrange and organize this cultural events.
SLING an student initiative is responsible for organizing events such as cultural, sports, leadership, adventurous and many more.
The entire SLING team played its roles in organizing these events, but major kiddos goes to the cultural team and the events team for their exceptional ideas for events and activities.


On 16th January 2020, SLING Committee came up with the event to celebrate the festival of Makar Sakranti, which is celebrated across the whole country by many different names like Lohri in Punjab, Sakranti in North India, Uttrayan in Gujrat and Pongal in some states of southern India with different practices and beliefs but the reason for celebrating the festival is same i.e. to honor the very hard working “anna-daatas” (farmers) of India.

On such a great occasion, the Executive Director of RICS SBE Mr. Mark Powell’s presence added glory to the event. Professor Amol Shimpi Sir addressed the event and explained the values attached to this festival and the importance of farmers in the civilization. He was then followed by Mr Mark Powell who shared his experience about the event.


As a primary motive of SLING i.e. “learning” through “networking” and “Interaction”, SLING came up with the launch of a new club named “Sthirata” where students will be learning concepts of Sustainability through various activities organized and planned.
The initiative of forming the club was taken by Ms. Renuka Mandlik ma’am and proactively many students showed their interest in joining the club and work under it to contribute some-what of their efforts to interactively learn the sustainable practices and some standard guidelines chartered for the use in Industry.

On March 13, 2020, “STHIRATA” was launched in presence of Dr. Sanjay Patil sir, Dr. Pradeep Rajanna Sir, Dr. Deva Dubey Sir and Ms. Jayanti Banerjee Ma’am. The event started with a welcome speech and introductory speech given by Anuja Rokde and Tejas and was followed by Dr. Sanjay Patil Sir who presented his views on the term “Sustainability” and explained the importance of Sustainability in Industry for future projects.
Sapling plantation was then done at the end of the event by the dignitaries as a gesture of setting up the foundation of the club.


This celebration was based on the eve of Shivaji Jayanti celebrated on the 19th of January every year. It’s the birthday anniversary of the heroic, exemplary, outstanding and inspiring legend Shri. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The event motive was to make the diverse group of our students aware of the Swarajya model of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Mr. Vikram explained the way he protected the people of this land from the invaders and also about various values and character of Shivaji Maharaj, and the need to use those in our lives.
The students of the first year performed a group dance on the songs of great leader and rulers of Maharashtra, which was followed by a solo performance by Mr. Prasad from MBA REUI which indeed gave goosebumps to all who were present.
Few of the seniors performed solo and duet singing performance.
Finally, Prof. Sonali Joglekar ma’am gave her views on the festival of Shivaji Jayanti and the event was concluded with a vote of thanks.


After a time span of nearly 2 months of lockdown during when the students had attended many lectures on the online platform on MS Teams, webinars on other online learning platforms, it was the time to rejoice. SLING Team now was with a wonderful event which was attended by almost 150 students and teachers of RICS SBE Mumbai, and this time the event was to conduct a jamming session. The event was full of poetry, music, songs, mimicry and above all the mood of cheers and creating memories.
The event was well organized by the event management club and cultural club and was backed by full SLING Team and supported by faculties, Deans and Students of RICS SBE and this made the event a huge success and memorable.

Childhood Alive was not just an event but a step of RICS towards social responsibility. The day was 20 Feb 2020 when whole Maharashtra celebrate Shivaji Jayanti, RICS celebrated with students of S.E.S Vidya Mandir in Bhatan and distributed stationary kits to them.
Along with the fun, the event had a message for the students promoting ‘say no to plastic’ and importance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Students understood the importance of education for their growth and better career.

1. This event of social service is not only good at education level but also prepare students to gain values for corporate social responsibilities.
2. Events like such boosted self-esteem of the students which helps them face the world more confidently.
3. Learnt the important skill of coordination to make the event successful.

By-Justin Jebanandam, Jaykumar Lodha & Priyank Saraf – Editorial Team (SLING 2020)

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University is an industry led academic institution which delivers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students ambitious to work in real estate, construction and infrastructure sector. It also aids as a hub for research and development of technical proficiency in built environment.

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