Real Estate Market Dynamics is a very important course in the MBA Real Estate Management program and it acts as stepping stone in Real Estate domain. This course offers understanding of macro as well micro economic factors and its impact on Real Estate development. In this course the students are trained to develop competencies in Inspection & Feasibility. The course has practical base and has application in property productivity analysis where the students get know about Floor Area Ratios and development potential, Demand-Supply analysis, Land-use planning and Zoning, Development Control Regulations, Development planning etc.

The course also addresses micro-level dynamics such as Product mix design, scenario and sensitivity analysis up to financial feasibility deriving Highest & Best use option on a Real Estate property. Through this course students get know 360 degree perspective of real estate market studying various property types such as Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Mixed use. This develops the competencies in Real Estate Valuation, Transactions and Advisory roles.