S.K. Sayal FRICS- CEO and Managing Director, Bharti Realty

Posted by Chandni on Sep 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Sushil Kumar Sayal FRICS- CEO and Managing Director of Bharti Realty visited Noida campus to deliver a guest lecture during which he shared his life experiences and professional journey with our students. He spoke about how he started his career from being a simple civil engineer, to becoming the youngest Project Manager at the Ansal Group, and finally being the CEO and Managing Director of Bharti Realty.

Having experienced and explored every aspect of real estate, Mr. Sayal has recently penned down an account of India's most controversial sector in a book titled, 'Inside Unreal Estate', which is based on his experiences in the industry during the last 3 decades. He shared with the students, a brief account of the instances that inspired him to write a book and how the entire journey enriched his life.

During the lecture, he also gave the students a peek into the diverse landscape of Indian Real Estate, giving them an overall view of the industry. He explained gradations of Real Estate Asset Management [REAM] and his contribution towards establishing the model in our country. The session was followed by a brief Q&A round with the students, where Mr. Sayal was asked questions related to internship possibilities in real estate, risk analysis for upcoming projects amongst others.

Watch Mr. Sayal interacting with our students and sharing his life experience to inform & inspire the fresh brigade.

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Topics: Careers in Real Estate, Real Estate Asset Management