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Know why these graduates chose a career in facilities management

Now is the right time for an architect to enter Facilities Management - Diwank

I am a civil engineer who chose Facilities Management - Farhah

I chose facilities management for faster growth - Ankit Joshi, a PGDFM student

See how a hospitality graduate found his career in facilities management

Build a high-flying management career with a BBA in real estate

Why do you want to do a BBA course?

Why the evolution from architect to archipreneur is the future?

[Video] Careers in Real Estate

Facilities management as a career for civil engineers

Unlimited growth potential with a facilities management career

What are your options after mechanical engineering?

Everything you need to know as a civil engineer

What are your options after GATE results?

Sourav B - a civil engineer who chose to be a facilities manager

Quantity Surveyors Needs These Soft Skills To Rise In Their Careers

How specialized MBA has changed the lives of these 5 students

There is a lot of scope to rise in real estate – Parina Amulani, an MBA REUI student

MBA in real estate proves to be a smart choice to launch your career - Uplabdh Sharma, an MBA REUI student

My father and my sister motivated me to join real estate industry – Ashlee Sharma, an MBA REUI student

Being associated with a brand like RICS will help in the long run – Poorva Rathore, an MBA CPM student

I always wanted to be an expert, today I am one – Anurag Sharma, an MBA REUI student

I want to be a CEO of a property consulting firm – Harish Narayanan, an MBA REUI student

I wanted to work in the global market in quantity surveying – Gowtham P, an MBA CEQS student

This MBA helped me get a breakthrough in the global construction industry – Monalisha, an MBA CPM student

I have transformed from an introvert to a confident professional – Venkatesh A, an MBA CPM student

Only Engineering degree is not enough – Tushar Nagare, an MBA CEQS student

RICS SBE has taught me things that will help me throughout my life – Ashwini Dharmarajan, an MBA CPM student

I have transformed from a civil engineer to a project manager – Gokulesh S, an MBA CPM student

Know why a family invested the future of both their children in real estate

The Best Specialized MBA for Engineers

Top 5 things you should have for a successful career!

Cost is not the only factor - evaluating emerging construction technologies

Do you have what it takes to be a great Quantity Surveyor?

Choosing the right MBA!

How to decide between a specialized and a generic MBA?

Smart cities need smart professionals

Emerging real estate careers

Smart cities in India: Impact on career prospects

How to choose a professional degree?

Why civil engineers should consider an MBA in Infrastructure?

Need of specialized professionals in infrastructure

Why girls should not ignore Real Estate as a career choice

Udaiy Khanna shares his story about REACh travel studio

Siddhant Agarwal, BBA REUI shares his REACh experience

Shashank shares his REACh experience

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